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Sunday, April 11, 2011, was by far one of
the best nights of my life. Scott Trades Center
was crowded, loud and dark. Smells of illegal
substances wafted through the air as every-
one waited in anticipation for the concert
to begin.
Screams erupted as a large boom box was
brought to stage with a DJ’s equipment in one
of the speakers and a drum set in the other.
Travis Barker was joined by Beastie Boys
DJ Mixmaster Mike. The Blink-182 drum-
mer walked out and started pounding on the
drums no slower than 100 miles per hour.
Barker played several songs, including his
new single with Lil Wayne, “Can a Drummer
Get Some.”
Rick Ross was next to take the stage. Play-
ing his hits “Hustlin’” and “B.M.F. (Blowing
Money Fast),” he had the crowd on their feet
hanging on his every word.
After a short set change, a large LCD screen
came on and displayed a shadow of a man
at the top. A few seconds later, the shadow
dropped to the floor and Lil Wayne appeared
from underneath the stage. The crowd went
Lil Wayne: Best Rapper Alive
By Danielle Propst
crazy at the sight of the rapper, sporting a
white shirt, jeans, and Cardinals hat.
Weezy ran through “Look at me Now,” “I’m
Goin In,” and “Got Money” before visiting his
mix tape No Ceilings, and giving the stage up
for Nicki Minaj.
A scene of “Gladiator” played on the screen
as an unknown person in a monk outfit
walked out on stage, followed by Minaj rising
from an entrance under the stage to “Roman’s
Revenge.” Donning a tight one-piece suit and
a Marge Simpson inspired hairdo, the Pink
Friday star took a football on stage and ran
through her dancers, tackling them as she
went, proceeding to score a touchdown. Minaj
also proved to be flirtatious, giving a lap dance
to a lucky female audience member.
Lil Wayne returned a short 30 minutes
later, and after a few songs from his album
Rebirth, he brought Lil Twist out for their new
collaboration “Love Affair.”
Cory Gunz came out with tremendous
energy and performed his and Weezy’s new
song, “6 Foot, 7 Foot.”
Mack Maine, Jae Millz, DJ Khaled, Shanell,
and Birdman also joined the Young Money
star on stage.
Weezy recognized the artists who, accord-
ing to him, “did it better.” On that list was
Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Nate Dogg, and
lastly, Michael Jackson.
Before leaving the stage, Lil Wayne free
styled what he called his “words of wisdom”:
“Everybody wanna be fly till you swat ‘em,
but who am I to talk? I ain't shittin’ roses.
We in the same picture but we all got differ-
ent poses. I'm looking in my rearview, I see
the world in it. I try to slow down, but I get
rear ended. Pause! like a red light, I’m dead
right! Highway to heaven, God do you see my
headlights? They say you don’t know what
you’re doing ‘til you stop doing it, well call me
clueless cause I do this. Attention all shooters,
I’m a shooting star. Life is a course and I’mma
shoot for par. I'm searching for today instead
I found tomorrow, and I put that shit right
back like I’ll see when I find tomorrow. Young
Money CMR, blood like a scar Weezy f Baby
and I do it all for y’all.”
If you are a Lil Wayne fan, I strongly recom-
mend going to one of his concerts. The atmo-
sphere, music and energy were better than
any other concert I have been to. Lil Wayne is
indeed the best rapper alive.
The Talon 13
Congratulations seniors!
You are reaping the rewards of
your determination work ethic
and talents. Your good choices
and dedication will take you far
in life. We are very proud of you
and your accomplishments.
Mom and Dad
We are so proud of you and your equestrian ac-
complishments at William Woods! We look for-
ward to celebrating your graduation and support-
ing you in the beginning of a new phase in your
life. You always have our love, Kerry, and we
wish you continued success in your career among
the horses!
Love you,
mom and dad
Dear seniors,
We would like to congratulate you for
all your hard work and achievements
at WWU. We hope that you fnd much
success in the years following your
graduation. We wish you all the
very best!
Sincerely, The Talon Staff
Monday, April 25, 2011