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Traveling the world with WATW
pieces of history of the areas we
visited were amazing and beautiful
works,” said McCarthy.
While there, the students
experienced the spectrum of sights
and history that Italy has to offer. In
Rome, they saw the Coliseum, the
Pantheon, the Forum, the Spanish
Steps and the Trevi Fountain. They
also toured the Vatican, including
the Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s
Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.
They spent time on Italian
highways, passing through hillside
villages of the Umbria and Tuscany
states on their way to Assisi, where they saw the St.
Francis Basilica and the adjoining monastery.
They visited Florence, where they saw the Duomo,
Academia which houses Michelangelo’s David and the
tombs of Italian figures such as Galileo, Machiavelli,
Michelangelo and Dante. They also took a tour of a
leather shop, an industry for which Florence
is renowned.
Student learning extended beyond history. They ate
at traditional Italian restaurants, became accustomed
to meals with multiple courses, saved money for
restrooms, monitored their drink intake as refills
were not free and got used to drinks without ice – “If
the drink is cold, why put ice in it?” said Margaret, the
group’s tour guide.
A few interpreting students even got the opportunity
to hone their craft in Bologna, where they met two
different groups of Deaf students.
“It was so great to be able to communicate with them
and see the different signs they used – using our own
American Sign Language and seeing their Italian Sign
Language,” said Horn.
Following a tour of Bologna, which included Italian
Unification Day celebrations, the group traveled to
Venice, the final destination of the trip. There they saw
the famed canal streets, the Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark’s
Square and Basilica and the Doge’s Palace.
They also sat in on a glass-blowing demonstration
and took a visit to the island of Burano, known for silk-
making and colorful houses.
“It’s so hard to put into words how amazing this
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intriguing, and Assisi was such a cute, quaint town that
houses the breathtaking St. Francis Basilica. The art
history in Florence was so amazing, and it was great to
get to see the real paintings and sculptures by Botticelli,
Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. The spirit
of Bologna was such a breath of fresh air, and Venice has
such great culture and, because it is by the sea, it was
extremely relaxing. Finally, to put icing on the cake, I ate
some of the most amazing seafood and saw some of the
most colorful houses at the fishing island of Burano.”
This trip also prompted discussion of future journeys.
“Now that I’ve traveled to Italy, I can’t wait to see
more of the world! When you’re in a foreign country,
every day is an adventure,” said Schriber.
For a daily account of the trip, visit the group’s blog
Answers to Faculty
Linda Davis
—college crew team
Peggy Nickerson
—college DJ for “Rock and Soul”
Jennifer Petterson
—Star Trek fan
Joe Potter
—worked extensively in Hollywood
Tom Schultz
—German pipe slow-smoking
Greg Smith
—drummer in rock bands
Betsy Tutt
—synchronized swimmer
Harriet Yelon
—sheep tender, governess, triathlete,
and her photo appeared in Murder’s Ink
The small fishing village of Burano is known for colorful houses.(Nicole Elliott photo)