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My all-time favorite April Fool’s Prank was...
“Lice had been going around school, so my mom
checked our hair every morning. My sister took the
salt shaker and put salt in my hair so my mom would
think I had lice.”—
Lauren May
“We all remember the boy band era. One of the two most popular was N*SYNC (the forever-rivals of the
Backstreet Boys). Like every other pre-teen, I was their biggest fan. I even had the dream-come-true privilege
of attending a concert, which I screamed and cried all the way through. Perhaps their second biggest fan was
my younger cousin, Andrea. She and I would sing and dance to their songs every time we were together (we
sometimes still do, since we remember all the words and the dances we choreographed). One fateful day,
April 1, 2000, we were riding in the back seat of my mom’s car. My mom got a phone call so, naturally, we
were eavesdropping. It sounded something like this: “Hello? No way? Are you kidding me?!? They are going to
FREAK OUT!! (By this point we are already freaking out even though we had no idea what was going on.) OK
I’ll let them know!”
As soon as she hung up, she told us the news that would change our lives. Andrea’s mom (my aunt) just
got off the phone with Andrea’s grandpa, who apparently had connections with the manager of N*SYNC. They
just flew into O’Hare International Airport and their ride wasn’t there. Andrea’s grandpa had a huge van and
offered to pick them up and let them hang out until their ride showed up. My mom told us we would get to
meet them.
We were screaming and crying in the backseat, trying to fix our hair and clothes and look as cute as
possible. We sprinted to the front door and, trying to play it cool, burst through the front door as quietly as
we could. Our grandma pointed to the kitchen. We walked down the hall, holding hands, shaking, crying, etc.
We got to the kitchen, expecting the five loves of our lives, and the only person we saw was my aunt sitting IN
THE SINK, holding up a poster of N*SYNC and saying, “Look, I’m in-sink! April Fools!”
We both died a little that day. We were heartbroken and ran upstairs and cried in the closet for about an
hour, hating our family more than any pre-teen has hated her family before. That Christmas we got matching
T-shirts that showed a cat sitting in a kitchen sink. We didn’t laugh.—
Elizabeth Casey
“My favorite April Fool’s prank is putting a rubber
band around the spray nozzle on the kitchen sink.
When they turn the sink on, it sprays them, equaling
sweet victory!”—
Mackenzie (Kenz) Huber
“When I was in elementary school, my best
friend and I bought a box of Gobstoppers
for April Fool’s Day. We sucked on each one
until it changed colors, let them dry, and
placed them back in the box before giving
them out to our friends. Looking back it was
disgusting, but at the
time we thought it
was pretty funny.”—
Frankie Hart