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It’s happened to all of us; we walk
into Tucker, take a pass around,
and come back with an empty plate
and a discouraged look. Don’t be
disheartened, and don’t spend your
money eating out; instead use some
of these creative suggestions on how
to turn Tucker’s food into your own
delicious specialty.
Super Soups
—Tucker has
a variety of tomato-
based soups, such
as their Roasted
Red Pepper
Tomato, Greek
Tomato and
their Cream of
Tomato. Since
everyone knows
that nothing goes
better with a warm bowl of tomato
soup than a warm grilled cheese,
here’s a creative idea to help recreate
this old time favorite.
Add croutons and shredded cheese
from the salad bar to your bowl of
tomato soup. The cheese will melt
and, combined with the croutons, it’s
like having your grilled cheese right
in your soup bowl. Take it one step
further by putting a piece of bread in
the toaster for optimal dipping.
To give Loaded Baked Potato Soup
a little zest, add some shredded
cheese from the salad bar, or even
parmesan cheese. Or add some meat
from the deli or some of your favorite
veggies from the salad bar.
—We are huge fans
of making sandwiches at Tucker
when other choices look slim. Bagel
sandwiches— this is an option for not
only breakfast, but lunch and dinner
as well. Take your favorite bagel and
toast it up well to be the two ends
By Lucy Fuelle & Lauren Greenwald
of your sandwich. Add a little cream
cheese to the bagel; it serves as the
glue to hold everything together
and comes in awesome flavors. For
breakfast sandwiches, just complete
the sandwich with whatever favorite
breakfast choices are available. Bacon
is a great addition; the saltiness of
the bacon compliments the
creaminess of the cream
cheese. Eggs are an
option, or add a
few hash browns
to complete
the sandwich.
Cheesy roll ups/
We all love Taco
Bell, right? If you are at Tucker, why
not make your own cheesy roll ups
or quesadillas, and save the money
you would spend at the “Mexican”
place? Tucker has started providing
flour tortillas in the bread section
at all times. By simply adding some
shredded cheese and, if you choose,
some of your favorite veggies or
meats, you can have your own cheese
roll ups or quesadilla.
Walk the Wok
—Usually by the
time people get around to looking at
what the wok offers each day, they
have already filled their plates. This
is a mistake as the wok is always a
place to go for new dishes and an
oriental flair. It is one of the most
underestimated sections of Tucker,
and really does deliver. Here are some
of our personal favorites at the wok:
Lo Mein—we’re pretty much
obsessed with the new Lo Mein
that Tucker has been making. It is
the perfect combination of flavorful
noodles and plenty of veggies.
Recently they even had asparagus in
the Lo Mein. It is some of the best Lo
Mein we have had.
Sticky rice—It sounds pretty
simple, but trust us, the sticky rice at
Tucker adds to any meal. It is never
dried out, and can be a nice bed for
one of the delicious Asian dishes, such
as the beef and broccoli or veggie
stir-fry. It can also be added to our
favorite meal, chicken finger Friday.
Try accompanying your favorite
tenders with some sticky rice instead
of mashed potatoes for a change.
Delicious Desserts
—If you are
craving some cake, but it looks a little
dry just add some ice cream to it and
it will moisten right back up. This
goes for brownies too; add a drizzle
of chocolate syrup to really make
the dessert complete. Or try a float.
Vanilla ice cream and coke make
a refreshing and delicious after-
dinner treat.
The next time you walk into Tucker,
think over some of our suggestions
and get creative, making some new
and exciting dishes. If you have any
of your own imaginative suggestions,
write a letter to the editor, and we’ll
include them in our next article.
When Tucker gives you lemons
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