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WWU professors share love stories
I was 12. Wes, a neighbor of mine that lived down the block – came over to my house one afternoon.  He was
starting a “club” – made it sound very prestigious to be a member.  I was very excited that I was one that was
“picked” to be in the “club”.  He set the meeting for the next afternoon – in his clubhouse.  He had built basically
a box about 4’ x 4’ with old plywood his dad had leftover.  As I arrived, I couldn’t believe this was the prestigious
“Clubhouse” – but entered – only to find the membership consisted of Wes and me!  - Needless to say, --he said he
wanted to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” – and kissed me – short kiss – missed ½ my lips.  And that was the end
of the meeting. We have remained friends to this day – and always tell the “club” story at reunions.   
Linda Davis- First Kiss
I was flying home for Christmas during my junior year at WWU when I met my future husband. We were seated
next to each other on a Delta flight from St. Louis to Denver, and for the relatively short flight we talked about
everything under the sun.  Toward the end of the flight we exchanged information (which in those days was an
address and land line phone) and parted ways at Stapleton airport in Denver. After arriving that night at my
destination in Boise, Idaho, I decided that this wasn’t going to be the end of the story.  I found a funny card and
sent it off to my new acquaintance (much to the horror of my mother).  My airline acquaintance (Ken) and I
will be celebrating our 15th anniversary this June.
Jennifer Petterson- An Airline Romance
Katharine Mixter Mayne- Lucky at Cards (and Love)
Jeff and I met in graduate school in California. We lived in the same large grad-student house with several others.
Jeff was an experience backpacker and organized a backpacking trip to the Sierras. With four of us, we only
carried two tents and I shared with Jeff- platonically. He swears he warned us it might snow, and it did. So we
wake up to 3-4 inches of snow at 11,000 feet of elevation. We decide to hang out for a while to let it melt and pass
the time playing cards. We played gin-rummy, and I skunked him 250-0! I did not know it at the time, but Jeff has
played a LOT of cards with his buddies at MIT. Guess playing every night before dinner with my sister Ellie was
better training!
What are your Valentine’s Day plans?
“My boyfriend
and I are going to
cookies and cup-
cakes together.”
-Sally Bohlinger
“My bestfriend is
coming back to the
US from Japan,
so hopefully I’ll be
in Kansas
seeing him.”
-Tanner Sauvon