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Let’s be honest, the
spring semester often
brings a pretty
drastic change in
schooling attitude.
With the new weather
comes a longing to be
outside, frustration with
lack of financial presence,
and yes, extreme apathy
and procrastination.
Most know, from similar
high school experiences,
that the final year of one’s
studies amplifies these
feelings exponentially.
My goal is to provide
a surefire list that may
assuage these distractions. 
There are factors that
must be considered. At the
forefront is the fact that
we live in Fulton. While
this may have been viewed
as a disadvantage in the
past, we encourage you to
eradicate that idea, grab
this city by its flag poles
and make the most of your
remaining months here. 
• Attend a great concert.
Columbia and St. Louis
have a pretty decent
variety of venues.
• Don’t study too much,
but study enough.
• Don’t drink too much
beer, but drink enough. 
• Columbia is only a quick
drive away. The Ragtag
Theater (a fine arts movie
theater) is excellent, and
the downtown area is
cooler than ours, as is the
bar scene. 
• Margaritas are on special
at Jaliscos on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
Embrace that.
• Jamoles, Fulton’s very
excellent and very cheap
donut shop, is on the
north side of town. I
recommend the turnovers
and cinnamon rolls. Also,
any other donut. 
• Realize that you’re
almost finished with
school and it›s way too
late to screw it up now
(especially if you signed
your LEAD waiver).
• Tif ’s and Killabrews
often have drink specials.
Embrace that.
• The Stinson Creek Trail,
which winds through the
middle of town, is mostly
cool and a great place for
walks, runs and bike rides.
• Fulton sports two disc
golf courses, one on our
campus and the other
at Veterans Park. If you
are unsure what disc
golf involves and/or are
curious as to why this
sport sounds like one of
the greatest things you
can engage in, notify this
article›s writer and he will
show you.
• Karaoke night at the Post
Office (Bar & Grill) is aby
A prescription for senioritis
By Jason Rose
Editorial Board
Patrice Basso
Managing Editors
Jason Rose
Dani Moritz
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Molly Dougherty
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Danielle Propst
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Have any thoughts
about something
you read in the
Something around
always classic.
• Tanglewood Golf Course
offers a driving range.
Even if you suck at
golf, hitting things is fun.
And, in this case, cheap.
• Check out the Churchill
Memorial (if only to
appease astute individuals
who ask, when told you
attended college in Fulton,
Mo., how many times you
recited the Iron Curtain
speech in preparation
for that year’s Churchill
Fellows Weekend).
• Beks artichoke dip is
something that should
never remain untried
• Take the kayaks out on
Junior Lake for a change of
scenery and a refreshing
escape from campus.
• Arris› pizza is delicious.
• Fulton has a movie
theater, and the price isn›t
• The Fulton bowling
alley has college nights on
Thursdays. Cheap, fun
and close.
• The Mark Twain National
Forest, which is scattered all
over Missouri and has spots
close to Fulton, provides
great places for backpacking
and camping.
Essentially, the goal is
to balance your studies
with cool things to do and
to embrace the time that
Interested in
writing, taking