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Monday, December 6, 2010
The Talon 9
Letters To The Editor
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Letter From The Editor
Hello everyone,
As always, thank you for reading The Talon
This is an important milestone in
the development of The Talon; this is our frst print issue, something we have been
working toward all semester. Those of us on the editorial board have worked very
hard to make this happen, and we are thrilled it is fnally here.
One of the most exciting things about starting from scratch and building a
newspaper is that we get to do it our way. We picked everything from the way
the paper looks to the size of the paper. Although we are making these important
decisions, we are doing so with all of you in mind. We don’t want to exclude our
readers in any way. When we were determining what to put in this issue, we asked
ourselves, “What would our readers want to read?” Every story you will fnd in this
issue was planned with hopes that you would enjoy it.
The William Woods newspapers of the past have come and gone, and it is our hope
that The Talon is here to stay. We worked long and hard to ensure that that happens,
and our readers are a big part of that.
This is just as much your paper as it is ours. If you have anything you want to see
in the paper, or you want to write for the paper, or just want to tell us what you liked,
we want to hear from you! Please e-mail thoughts/suggestions/comments to prbasso@
I can’t thank you all enough for reading and supporting The Talon. We really
appreciate it and hope that you enjoyed! Be on the lookout next semester for even
more issues of
The Talon
Patrice Basso
By Nickol Enss
Laughter is the best
medicine; it’s that old
cliché that people say
when someone is feeling
low, blue and lost. And
although over-used and
easier said than done,
Americans were given
the break they’d been
needing during the 2010
election, thanks to some
bold comedians, Jon
Stewart and Stephen
In October, the
satirical duo held their
very own “Rally to
Restore Sanity and/or
Fear” at the National
Mall in Washington
D.C., where they staged
a mock battle, with
Stewart fghting for peace
and sanity, and Colbert
promoting nationwide
fear. Thousands of people
attended and shouted my
all-time favorite chant
from this whole election
season, “Serve us up
sanity, not tea!”
As hilarious as this
rally was, isn’t it just a
little frightening how true
the message rings. As
Americans we seriously
do need a daily dose
of sanity. Throughout
the whole election we
saw campaign smear
tactics played out again
and again. “So and so
is a witch, so and so is
a crooked politician, so
and so doesn’t support
homosexuality, but
happens to be gay!”
On and on and on
it goes. Politicians
and activists are more
concerned with jamming
their personal agendas
down our throats, than
they are about coming up
with intelligent solutions
that could beneft the
majority of Americans.
The majority does
not include extreme,
God-fearin’, middle-to-
upper class, right wing,
Tea Partiers. Nor does
it include far left, “I
salute to Karl Marx every
morning and don’t eat
meat,” socialists. The
majority lies somewhere
in between. Americans
are both conservative and
liberal. They are faithful
and faithless all at the
same time. They care for
their neighbors, but think
of their families frst.
They want freedom, but
they also want regulation.
People are dynamic
and complex, and our
government is made up
by whom? Oh, that’s
right…people! Therefore,
our government is equally
dynamic and complex.
We don’t need politicians
who are only going to
look at things through one
set of lenses, but people
who are going to look
through multiple sets of
lenses until they can fnd
some neutral ground. We
need balance.
We also need to give
our politicians a break.
Maybe if the media didn’t
blow every mistake out of
proportion, and maybe if
our politicians knew that
they could change their
minds without losing the
nation’s respect, then
maybe, just maybe, they
might give us that respect
in return. Wouldn’t it be
nice if they could say
what they mean and not
what they think we want
to hear?
Wouldn’t it be nice
if they spent more time
explaining what they,
personally, could do
for Americans and less
time explaining how the
schmuck they’re running
against is a bad choice?
Gee, wouldn’t that be
  With no disrespect
o Stewart and Colbert,
it’s pretty sad when the
most honest and relatable
American fgures during
this 2010 election are
the stars of primetime
comedy shows. God,
what I wouldn’t give to
have been in Washington
D.C. that Saturday gettin’
my sanity on.
Say what?
Americans rallied
for sanity?
Edi torial Board
Talon Trivia
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selected by random drawing from among the entries submitted with the correct
answers. She received an ID holder from the Logo Store. This time, the prize will be
a $5 gift certifcate from Taco Bell. Now for this issue’s contest:
1. What was the name of the previous student newspaper?
2. Name a writer who is not an editor of the newspaper.
3. What would you like to see in the newspaper next semester? (No
wrong answers here, but the question must be answered for the entry
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