Page 15 - The Hoot November, 2012

One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure
If you decide to go shopping for your Christmas presents rather than making them
yourself, you still don’t have to go to the mall. Thrift shops, antique stores and garage
sales can be treasure troves of gifts.
For antique items, visit the Apple Wagon in Williamsburg. This store contains
everything from old books to tableware to jewelry. There are also several collectible
items available, making this a great place to shop for grandparents, aunts and uncles.
Fulton may not be home to many vintage stores, but they thrive in Columbia’s
downtown district. Stores include The Vintage Shop, The Wardrobe and Maude Vintage
and Costumes.
For garage sales, simply check your local newspaper for locations.
Downtown Fulton features several local businesses that are perfect for
finding gifts on a budget. The Brick District goes all-out for Christmas,
decorating Court Street and its storefronts. Carolers stand outside,
singing to patrons at the unveiling of the decorations.
Photos by
Rebekah Savage)
Be a Savvy Shopper
If vintage shops, garage sales and crafts are not your cup of tea, you can still visit
department and specialty stores for gift ideas without spending all of your money.
Research stores for sales and clearances, coupons and other special offers. In addition,
many stores offer discounts to those who present a student I.D. upon checkout.
Don’t want to venture out to the mall? Online shopping also has its advantages.
Promotional codes that offer discounts from free shipping to buy one, get one deals can
be found through a simple online search.
Simply because you are buying Christmas presents for your family and friends does not
mean you have to go broke this holiday season. There are several ways to be smart with
your money while putting a smile on your loved ones’ faces.