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Julian Hertzog, doctored in Photoshop to show his “true colors.”
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the Hoot
Living a bit on the wild side has always been what makes Julian Hertzog.
When a judge was missing during a diving competition at WWU, he was
asked to fill in. With no previous experience, Hertzog decided his best bet
was to look at the other two judges’ scores and pick a number in between.
Asked to judge another competition—this time a horse show, he paused
the competition, stood up from his seat and casually walked to the bath-
Hertzog often enjoys reflecting on his experiences from college at the
University of Florida, where he received all three of his degrees. An avid
Gators fan, he can be seen wearing blue and orange whenever his beloved
team plays. His office and his car are decorated with Florida memorabilia.
Still driving the 1964 Mustang he drove in college, he finds passion in a
lifetime of learning.
“If I could have, I would have been in college forever. There was always
some course I wanted to take and I loved being a grad student. I lived with
the maintenance man during grad school so I didn’t have to pay rent. All I
had to do was pay for the phone bill.”
Hertzog advises his students to take life like you’ll never reach tomorrow.
“Don’t push the river. It flows by itself. Do everything you always wanted
to do. Don’t put off anything. Don’t wish you would have, and don’t rush
things. Enjoy being young.”