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By Leigh Rice, associate editor
Whether he is judging diving when he knows nothing about it, stopping horse
shows for bathroom breaks, or training pigs, Julian Hertzog, professor of
psychology here at William Woods University, has always been one to give a
crowd a good show.
Known for his quirky laugh and his boisterous ways, Hertzog is the teacher
you can hear a floor or two below where he is teaching. He has come to be
loved by his students for the last 36 years for his energetic, optimistic
personality that keep students on their toes, waiting for the next lesson.
“I’m fortunate to have a job where you look forward to coming to work every
day because with each class you have a different group personality,” he said.
Hertzog came to WWU in 1976 when he was hired on as the Westminster and
William Woods counselor. Planning to only stay in Missouri for two years
before heading back to his home state of Florida, he changed his mind when
he met his wife, Colleen Harper Hertzog. Now a retired special education
teacher, she often assists with the equestrian program at WWU.
“One of the main reasons we stayed was because my daughter and wife could
ride horses whenever they wanted to. I was only a counselor for a short time
before I became a teacher. I don’t think I was very good at it because I like to
talk too much,” Hertzog said.
Julian Hertzog contributes his unique set of skills to WWU
“I enjoy teaching because I think I’m good at it. I enjoy helping and I enjoy
being with people and being involved in their lives.”
He added, “There is a daily reward for teaching and that is when you know
your students have learned something or when they have taken what they
learned in class and applied it to their everyday life. The little successes matter
and the biggest enjoyment comes when you see your students go out and live
a happy life. You just kind of feel like you were part of that process.
Hertzog has been rewarded through the years for his dedication to teaching.
In 1989 he was named the Dad’s Association-Louis D. Beaumont
Distinguished Professor and this year, he won it again. In 1996 he received
the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.
One of his favorite moments at The Woods was when he trained pigs for a
psychology experiment and sent them through the graduation ceremony. That
made the national news in 1983.
He also has fond memories of when his office was located in the
art department.
“When I got to hang out in the art department, it kind of fed my wild side.
When I first started at the Woods, it was a very conservative school and I was
a professor who insisted on going by my first name and was known for
breaking away from the norm,” he said.
Julian Hertzog in the classroom years ago.
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