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the Hoot
One person described it as a time machine. Others marveled at the art, the
food and the scenery.
They all found their spring break trip to France amazing.
Six students and two professors recently returned from a life-changing trip to
République française as part of the William Woods University Woods Around
the World program.
Jane Mudd, assistant professor of art, and her husband, Tom, along with
Travis Tamerius, university chaplain and director of the Center for Ethics
and Global Studies, accompanied Katherine Wortmann, Mexico, Mo.; Sydnee
Kuster, Bunceton, Mo.; Alicia Delaney, St. Charles, Mo.; Olivia Koselansky,
Sterling Hights, Mich.; Beth Oseroff, Dallas, Texas; and Eliza Payne,
Zionsville, Ind., on a culturally dense trek for 10 days around the cities of
northern France.
“At William Woods University, we view education as a journey of discovery …
we believe the very best journeys are fed by curiosity in the world around us,”
Tamerius said. “Woods Around the World (WATW) is a unique approach to
education that takes the student beyond the classroom and the textbook and
into the real world of another culture.”
In preparation for their tour, the students met weekly to discuss different
aspects of France and its history, including the French Revolution, the art
collection in Louvre and architecture of the great cathedrals.
The main focus, however, was on the events that took place on June 6,
1944 - the infamous day in history known as D-Day - and the legacy that was
left behind.
The trip itself included stops in several of France’s big cities and quaint
villages, including Paris, Versailles, Chartres, Saint Malo, Normandy, Rouen
and Auvers-Sur-Oise.
“One of the joys of each trip I make is getting to witness the enthusiasm and
deep curiosity of other travelers for those particular things that strike their
fancy” Tamerius said. “I’ll never forget Tom Mudd studying the hinges on
the medieval doors of the Mont St. Michal monastery or Jane Mudd’s giddy
excitement both in the Louvre and in the footsteps of van Gogh, where in
Auvers, he completed 70 paintings in 70 days.
He added, “I’ll forever remember Beth’s attentive care with the lowering of
United States flag at Normandy; Katherine and Sydney’s determination to get
By Katherine Wortmann, contributing writer
Photos courtesy of Katherine Wortmann
to the top of the Eiffel Tower; hearing the voices of Eliza and Alicia exploring
a fortress watch tower in the dark on the beaches of San Malo and Olivia’s
early morning laughter and smile that indicated she was ready for another
day of exploration.”
Woods Around the World travels to France