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By Rebekah Savage, opinion editor
As children, Valentine’s Day was about exchanging valentines and receiving
candy hearts. Nowadays Valentine’s Day has a little more meaning and
usually includes flowers and a pleasant evening spent with your significant
other. Before I give some ideas of where to eat and buy flowers, let’s take a
look at where Valentine’s Day began…
The actual story of how Valentine’s Day started isn’t clear, but there are a few
theories. One involves St. Valentine, believed to be a priest, during third
century Rome. Emperor Claudius II believed that single men were better
soldiers, therefore outlawing marriage. Valentine felt bad for the young men
who could not be with their loved ones and performed marriages in secret.
When Valentine was discovered, Claudius ordered he be killed.
Another story places Valentine in jail, where he fell in love with a girl (in some
versions the girl was the jailor’s daughter, but that’s up for speculation). As
the story goes, Valentine himself sent the first ever valentine to the young girl
he loved. At the end of the card he wrote “From your Valentine.”
If the second story about St. Valentine isn’t true, then France’s Duke of
Orleans was the first ever Valentine’s Day card sender. The duke was a
prisoner in the Tower of London when he sent the card to his wife. The card
is now in the British Library in London as part of the manuscript collection.
The exact reason for the date of Valentine’s Day isn’t known, but there are a
couple of theories. One theory says that the day St. Valentine was killed was
around 270 A.D., which was interpreted as Feb. 14.
The other theory involves the Lupercalia festival, which took place in
February. The festival celebrated fertility and was dedicated to the Roman god
Faunus. After a day’s celebration, the young women would place their names
in a giant urn. Young men would pick a name from the urn and would then be
paired with the woman he chose. These couples would be together for a year
and usually resulted in marriage.
- Valentine’s Day is the second largest
card-sending holiday, next to Christmas.
- Cupid was the son of Venus, the
godess of love.
- About 8 billion candy hearts will be
made- enough to stretch from Rome,
Italy to Valentine, Ariz. and back again
20 times.
- About 140 million Valentine’s Day card
will be exchanged throughout the world.
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