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the Hoot
Strong leaders like the student recycling coordinator,
Rachel Graves, will work with the central recycling
committee (CRC) to educate the campus community on the
benefits of Adopt-a-Spot. She also will serve
as a liaison with Kingdom Projects to
advance the WWU
recycling program.
“I took the job as recycling
coordinator because I
believe that recycling
needs to be a part of
the fabric of WWU.
Everyone should be
involved. We only have
one Earth and it’s up to
each person to take care
of it,” said Graves.
Before Adopt-a-Spot found
its home at William Woods,
approximately 30 members
from the Phi Gamma Delta
April 14, 2012
9 am - 12 pm
Missouri School for the Deaf Campus
Sponsored by the Missouri School for the Deaf Parents’ Organization (MSDPO). Proceeds earned from this
event are used to enhance the educational experience for all MSD students through the purchase of items for
the dorms, awarding of summer camp and college scholarships, and providing of resources for teachers.
Visit the MSDPO web site to register online, download a registration form, or help sponsor the event.
Hope to see you there!
(Fiji) fraternity divided up and tackled different locations
around campus.
“We were really happy when Adopt-a-Spot came
around because it was a lot of campus for Fiji
to tackle on their own. It was kind of a
relief and it was great to see the whole
campus get involved,” said Jake Shaw,
Fiji president.
“We’re really looking to get people
involved and excited with recycling.
We’ve even talked about doing a
recycling Olympics. We would
have different events where
people compete. The Fijis are
very interested in leading that,”
said Ensor.
As students from various
organizations choose their adopted
spots, colorful signs will be created
by the WWU Art Club to identify the
individual or group.