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Drowsy Chaperone” she’s a stagehand, focusing on
technical set changes and scenery movements.
“I love theatre and have been actively involved
since middle school drama classes,” she said. “I am
not a major, but the theatre program at WWU is
part of the reason I chose it. The small size means
that they accept anyone into their inner circle of
craziness--just prepare to become as crazy
as them!”
Theatre people say that whether you’re sweeping
the foor or moving scenery, your role in the show
is no less important than the leading lady/man
or the assistant director. No one person is more
important than another in the theatre world.
“Theatre is a fun little phenomenon that not many
realize can be drastically spectacular or a complete
failure, and it all revolves around the collaboration
between the techs and actors; each desperately
dependent on the other,” Meyer said.
The theatre students say they appreciate Joe Potter
and Melissa Alpers-Springer for everything they
have taught them, and for inspiring them.
The general consensus is that working on a theatre
production is fun, be it backstage or down center.
It’s fun because the people are fun to work
with. Once you’ve had a taste of theatre, you’ll love
it forever, even if you can’t be in the show
or backstage.
“The whole production and anticipation of
opening a show and performing for a live audience
is a thrill like no other,” Meyer said.
Photos by Lincoln Purvis