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Many of us dream of graduating from college, fnding that awesome frst
job and making it on our own. But, what if your frst job out of college was
actually one for your beloved alma mater?
Four recent William Woods alums are among more than 30 doing just that.
They are serving as graduate assistants while pursuing a master’s degree in
either business or education.
LeaAnn Knaebel – Area Coordinator for Student Life
From: Jefferson City, Mo.
What made you become a graduate assistant?
“It was a great
opportunity to work for student life, to pursue a master’s degree in education
and to work full time.”
What has been your favorite GA experience/memory?
“It was during
last summer and there was a group of us from student life that helped one of
the students round up horses in 103-degree weather. We tried to lure them in
with grain and hay but they were skittish. It took a while, but eventually we
got them rounded up.”
What do you plan on doing after being a GA?
“Are you trying to
stress me out? [laughs]. I plan on exploring a student life position in higher
Michael Dodson - Graduate Assistant for Theater
St. Louis, Mo.
What made you want to become a GA?
“I saw that there was a need for
an assistant to the professors in the theater department.”
What has been your favorite part of being a GA?
“Implementing the
new box offce procedure and stepping in when professors need me to. I am
also excited that I get to work with First Impressions again!”
What are your plans after being a GA?
“After getting my master’s degree
I plan to continue pursuing a career in acting. Once I’m done with acting, I
can still work in the industry.”
Jerone Lester – Area Coordinator for Student Life
Chicago, Ill.
What made you want to become a GA?
“I saw a great opportunity for a
student life position and I went for it.”
What has been your favorite experience as a GA?
“I would have to say
that Bid Day has been my favorite experience. I was not a part of the Greek
community while I was an undergrad, so it was exciting for me see everything
that went into it.”
What is your advice to those who want to become a GA?
“My advice
would be don’t wait to apply and stay in school!”
Lucy Fuelle - Graduate Assistant for Equestrian Studies
Ann Arbor, Mich.
What made you want to become a GA?
“It was the best deal. I have the
opportunity to get my MBA, while working. Also, I get to live on campus and
ride Rizzo.”
What has been your favorite experience as a GA?
“Being able to
walk through the barn and see students riding and see friends who are still
on campus.”
What is your advice to those who want to become a GA?
relationships with people around you and step up to leadership positions.”
By Elisse Schaaf, staff writer
In addition to these four, there are a number of other graduate assistants
on campus this year: Carissa Biele, Admissions; Jayme Billings, Education
Division; Casey Bucher, Logo Store; Danielle Costanza and Lauren Donahoo,
Equestrian Studies; Frankie Hart, Career Services; Lacey Sweeten, Greek Life;
and Tony Weed, Arts Division.
An additional 21 are serving as graduate assistants in Athletics: Kim
Artiaga, Lindsay Burry, Kristen Calvetti, Alex Cann, Ebonie Cobb, Kellen
Fernetti, Zak Fox, Roy Hight, Lloyd Jacobs, Chris Kirkweg, Andy Koziatek,
Ceanne Kressig, Trisha Lyons, Phil McClintock, Diana Meyer, Chris Newland,
Kristi Palmer, Arianna Rojas, Daniel Schwab, Paula Summers
and Jenna Thompson.
LeaAnn Knaebel
Michael Dodson
Jerone Lester
Lucy Fuelle