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ago a man’s severed leg was found next to a motorcycle. The remainder of
the body was never found.
Whether the panther is to blame cannot be determined for certain, but
the road is not a calming one and I can’t help but think that something
unpleasant lurks in the woods around the road.
Yet another tale claims that a drunk teenage couple died in a car accident
on Dark Hallows Road and never left the site. Legend has it that if you turn
your headlights on and off, a ghostly car will appear, Despite how much you
swerve, the other car will pass through your car, leaving passengers covered
in blood.
I can’t say I believe this, as it sounds to me a little extreme, but I can’t say I
tried it, either. Something about the stretch of road was far too uncomfortable
for me to test its supposed haunts.
The second the wheels of my car hit the gravel road, my friends and I all
suddenly fell silent and grabbed each other— unsure whether to drive on.
In fact, we turned the car around, only to decide to return with some added
recruits the next day.
Nine Mile Bridge
Legend has it that Nine Mile Bridge, located in Auxvasse, was the location
where several African American women were hanged, and their babies
were drowned.
Supposedly, if you turn your car off on this bridge, it won’t start back up
until you push the car for
nine miles. Legend also
has it that if you sit upon
the bridge with your feet
dangling above the water,
you will feel strange tickles
and pulls upon your feet as
the drowned infants try to
pull you in. You can also,
supposedly, see the eyes of
the infants on very
clear nights.
As far I’m concerned, this
place is defnitely haunted.
Despite the fact that
after turning off the car,
I didn’t have to push, the
area around the bridge is
inexplicably frightening.
Just standing on the bridge
looking out to the creek
By Dani Moritz, editor-in-chief
As Halloween approaches, so does the quest for spooky tales and horrifying
adventures to send chills up your spine. Lucky for you, Callaway County has a
couple of haunts to quench your thirst for some Halloween fear.
Dark Hollows Road
First on the list is Dark Hollows Road, offcially known as County Road 409.
The road is a gravel road nestled in a wooded area between Fulton and Ham’s
Prairie and the home to several eerie tails.
Local folklore suggests that in the 1940s a panther escaped from a traveling
circus and hasn’t left town yet. The stories say that the panther continues to
prowl the woods looking for unsuspecting victims.
And the story isn’t without backing.
According to some, the panther has made some recent attacks. A few years