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February 2013
The Hoot | 9
Her boyfriend, Matt Siebert, plans to travel with
her. Together they will experience the new country
and learn to adjust to a different lifestyle.
It’s really cool that I’m going to be there with
my boyfriend. We’re really excited and we’ll see
what happens.”
Brown met Siebert through mutual friends when
she moved to Missouri and they have been
together for more than a year. He will graduate
from the University of Missouri in May.
Neither one of them has a job lined up in Vietnam.
I guess you could just say we’re winging it. We’re
going with our resumés. I like not knowing what is
going to happen. It’s a rush,” Brown said.
Our plan is to teach English but if someone offers
me a job elsewhere, I’ll probably take it. I’m going
to submerge myself in the culture.”
Brown and Siebert decided to commit to one year
in Vietnam before they decide to leave or stay.
Whichever they decide, Brown says she will be
thankful for the opportunity to travel and see
things from another person’s perspective.
Every time I travel, I feel like I grow a little
bit more. I really like to see the way other people
live and try to see what they see,” said Brown.
I’m really intrigued by how other people live.
And I think it will be really fun to see it in a
different country.”
Before Brown makes the mammoth leap into
Vietnam, she will be enjoying her last semester
as a college student. At William Woods, she is a
member of the film club and will be joining the
newly founded National Society of Leadership and
Success. In her free time, she enjoys playing board
games, puzzling, spending time with her friends
and outdoor activities.
In the long term, she would like to utilize her
communications degree to find a job in which she
can use her creative energy.
My main goal for the future is to find a job that
challenges me,” said Brown. “Something that I am
passionate about and a place that will keep
me happy.”
Whether that job is in Vietnam, the United States
or another country is still unknown.
Brown sells lemonade on the Katy Trail. Phoebe sold lemonade to help pay for school.
Photo Courtesy Phoebe Brown)
Brown in Telluride, Colo. She moved to Colorodo after growing tired of California.
Photo Courtesy of Phoebe Brown)