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Olivia Koselanksky, senior, engaged to
Michael Towle, WWU Alumnus
My family and I all went out to Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill in
Michigan, where I am from, to celebrate my 21st birthday. A
lot of my aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, parents and
siblings attended the dinner. We were having a great time
talking and hanging out. At the end of dinner, my dad said
he wanted to take a picture of everyone at the front of the
restaurant where we could all fit, which wasn’t very unusual.
We all went up for the picture and as soon as my dad took
it, he said, “I think Michael has something to say.” Then,
Michael got up in front of my entire family, pulled me up
there with him, and got down on one knee and asked me to
marry him!
Leigh Rice, junior, engaged to
Kyle Rogers
Kyle and I had known each other since we
were 16 and started dating when we were 18.
We dated for a year and broke up, but stayed
close. In November 2011 he told me that he
wanted to get back together, but I said “no.”
In April I gave him another chance. He was
in California for work, so he flew me out
there to visit. My last day in California, he
took me out on the beach . He put his arm
around me and said, “You know you make
me pretty happy.” I said, “I guess you make
me pretty happy, too.” Then he said, “Would
you be willing to make me happy for the rest
of my life?” I said “What?” He got down on
one knee to ask me. Just then a huge wave
came up and hit us, taking away our shoes,
camera and phones. I said “yes” after we
collected all of our things!
Erica Begley, senior, engaged to
Matt Flanigan
Matt and I actually met in high school and
have continued dating throughout college.
He is studying physical therapy at Mizzou,
and I am a senior about to graduate with
an art education major and graphic design
minor. We got engaged this past July 1 at my
parents’ annual 4th of July party. In front
of lots of family and close family friends,
just before the fireworks show began, my
dad stood up and said that someone had a
very important question. With my young
cousin (our flower girl!) on my lap and in
shock, I sat there as Matt came over and got
on one knee. It was a perfect way to spend
my favorite holiday and everyone who was
there was so happy to be a part of
the excitement!
Dani Moritz, senior, engaged to Alex Long
Despite having dated for six years, I was surprised when Alex
popped the question. Actually, the entire day was a surprise.
He told me not to plan anything that day—and I had no idea
where we were going. It started out with walks in scenic forest
preserves and then he took me to a beautiful hotel (which, at
the time, I was mad at him for paying for). As I got dressed for
dinner, he told me I was missing something. I thought he meant
the charm bracelet he gave me, so I laughed and said I was
getting it. But, before I knew it, he was down on his knees. Well,
he didn’t mean my charm bracelet. He meant my engagement
ring. Now, I’m not-so-patiently waiting for June 21, 2014, when I
get to marry my best friend in the whole world—Alex Long.
William Woods students share
their romantic, surprising and
exciting proposal stories just in
time for Valentine’s Day!
By Madison Mincone
Staff Writer
| The Hoot
February 2013