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February 2013
He is a warmhearted, loving professor, and his
name is perhaps one of the best known across
campus. Terry Martin is an art professor at
William Woods University whose expertise spans
from murals to illustrations and painting.
Martin has earned several awards for art and
others for his dedication to teaching, including
the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
and the Louis D. Beaumont Dad’s Association
Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence
in Teaching.
By Kelsi Lietzow
Staff Writer
The art of caring
Shortly after earning his Bachelor of Science degree
in education from the University of Missouri, he
earned his master’s degree in the same field. He
later added a master’s degree in fine arts.
Before joining the faculty at WWU in 1988,
Martin was an art director, commercial artist and
illustrator, and 7-12 grade art teacher.
He is active in several associations, including the
National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and Best
of Missouri Hands.
He was the first president of the Missouri Society
of Wildlife Artists.
A compassionate soul, Martin has a love for
bringing people together and making the world a
better place. He likes to get his students involved
with the community, and he himself has a passion
for helping those in need.
I feel that art activities can be helpful in group
and individual spirit growth, and sometimes
creative work helps one to realize art is life,”
Martin stated.
WWU art professor Terry Martin offers help in times of need
Terry Martin and his new friends display the flowers resulting from an art therapy session in 2011.
Photo by Maddie Meyer)