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Barnard shows full confidence in her captains.
Samantha is a very experienced leader who
keeps everyone positive, which is such a great
aspect about her. She and Allie complement
each other so well, because Allie takes that
positivity and keeps everyone focused on what
we need to be working on.”
Between coaching a high school squad at South
Callaway and the squad at WWU, Barnard
relies very heavily on Strickland and Russell.
I really could not do it without them. There
have been times when both squads will have
games on the same night and I have to choose
my high school squad because I cannot leave
them unattended for liability issues. When that
has happened, I have been able to talk to Allie
and Sam and ask them to get things done and
keep me updated. I know I can count on them to
lead when I am not there,” said Barnard.
Barnard is not the only one who has a lot of
trust for her captains. Strickland and Russell
were more than happy to find out they would
be captains together.
I was relieved to find out that I would be
co-captaining with Allie. There is so much
responsibility that comes with being a captain
and it’s great to have the advantage of bouncing
ideas off of each other,” said Russell.
Strickland also notes her and Russell’s
satisfaction with their squad.
We are all so close and that really shows when
we’re learning new things, such as stunting.
Timing is impeccable, along with trust. You
really have to believe that the people around
you are going to catch you,” said Strickland.
Strickland and Russell encourage anyone who
might be interested in the squad to try out.
Now is a great time to get on with our squad
if you’re not familiar with cheerleading or
competition. We are all learning together and
we’re all pretty new to it,” said Strickland.
If you’re nervous, don’t worry,” Russell said.
As long as you practice and stick with it, you’ll
do great … It may be a little more work if you
haven’t cheered before, but as long as you work
hard, you’ll do wonderfully.”
Nikki Katz is the flyer being lifted by Katy Carron, Danielle Fabian and Taylor Bennight during a “Swedish falls” stunt.
Photo by
Hannah Lindburg)
Cheering during a game are (left to right) Katy Carron, Danielle Fabian, Alaina Leverenz, Nikki Katz (back turned), Samantha
Russell and Taylor Bennight.
Photo by Hannah Lindburg)
Nikki Katz stretches during a cheer practice.
Photo by Meghan Greenwalt)
February 2013
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