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April 2013
Woods Around the World:
An unforgettable experience
By Dani Moritz
Senior Writer
Seeing Ireland had always been a dream of mine
and my fiancé, Alex Long. In fact, it’s where we
planned on spending our honeymoon—that is
until we saw a flier for Woods Around the World
on a table in Tucker.
The flier outlined the 2013 trip that would
include Scotland, England and, lucky for us,
Ireland. Knowing full well that going with the
school would be much more affordable (and
educational!), we decided to look into it and, a few
months later, we found ourselves overseas.
My sister, Jessica, joined us, as she also wanted to
travel to Europe. Who wouldn’t want to?
The first stop on our excursion was Scotland –
and it was beautiful (even if they were in the
middle of what they considered a snow storm).
Everywhere we walked you could see at least the
outline of the Edinburgh Castle. The castle sits
upon a vast hill and is an ancient stronghold that
embodies the struggle for Scotland’s independence
from England. It is also known for having
housed Queen Margaret (later to be known as St.
Margaret) and Mary Queen of Scots, who gave
birth to James VI in the castle. We actually got to
see the room he where he was born.
As you can imagine, exploring the castle took our
breath away—if not for the years of history, then
for the spectacular views of the city that could be
enjoyed from several parts of the castle.
While in Scotland, we also viewed spectacular
cathedrals and walked the Royal Mile (a mile-long
stretch of road leading up the castle that is home
to several shops and attractions). I think we all
particularly enjoyed a literary pub tour that took
us to places of inspiration for several writers who
frequented the very same pubs we did.
I was also fortunate to spend my birthday in
Scotland! That day, we enjoyed St. Andrews (yes,
it is well known for their golf course) and, later
that night, a group of us went on an underground
ghost tour during which we learned some
frightening tales, watched Alex get publically
executed (for pretend, of course!) and toured
underground rooms once home to illegal activities.
Amber Davis, Dani Moritz and Kristen Cuneo tours the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.
Photo by Alex Long)
Dani Moritz, Alex Long and Jessica Moritz visits the London Art Gallery.
Photo by Travis Tamerius)