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April 2013
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She is an amazing person. She has a great sense
of humor and is such a joy to be around. Linda
teaches you to set your standards high and never
settle for anything less than your best. I am lucky
to have had her as a teacher. She will be missed
by all.”
My education with Linda has not only made me
a better rider, but a better horse woman,” said
Jacque Franco, a senior equestrian science major. 
Her empathetic approach, both on the ground
and under saddle, has had a profound influence on
me and affected how I ride and work with horses. 
What I have learned from Linda will stay with me
wherever I go in the horse industry.”
What I will miss most about Linda is how she can
make any situation good or bad into something
you can conquer and reach that goal,” said Kayla
Lancashire, a freshman biology and equestrian
science major.
Whether it be a bad ride or something that is
bothering you, Linda is always there to help and
make it feel like you can do it all. She never backs
down and makes sure that you become a strong,
independent rider.”
After she retires this year, McClaren plans to do a
lot of traveling, writing and art.
I am going to continue to stay in touch with all
the wonderful students and graduates that I have
met here over the years and travel and see what
they’re up to,” she said.
She added, “I want to go see them and see what
they’re up to and do some clinics … or I think I
could be the ultimate barn sitter. They could have
a day or two off and I could do their lessons or
whatever. It doesn’t have to be a formal clinic.”
Although it is hard for McClaren to leave behind
her home at William Woods, she looks forward to
new possibilities.
She leaves this piece of advice for her successor—
advice that truly embodies McClaren’s philosophy
on teaching, as well as life:
There’s a wall of bits in my office. There’s a horse
for every one of those. There may only be one
horse that that bit works for ... but when you
have people coming in from all different
backgrounds all over the country and you have
horses coming in from all different backgrounds
and all over the country, you have to try things
that might be something out of the box and see if
something works.”
McClaren gives Hannah Podgorki a hug. To many students, McClaren is much more than a professor; she is a friend.
McClaren riding Mark’s Royal at the parent’s weekend horse show in 1975.
Photos courtesy of Linda McClaren)