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April 2013
The Hoot | 5
By Haley Hinze
Staff Writer
Not many teams hear commands such as “point your
toes,” “keep that turn clean” or “straighten your kicking
leg” when they practice. For the William Woods
University Dance Team, however, these instructions are
used dozens of times each day.
With the guidance of Captain Alison Heifner and
Co-captain Chelsee Watson, both seniors, the dance
team is always prepared to pump up the crowds at
basketball games.
Founded in 2010, the team practices several times
a week, rehearsing to perform at home basketball
games. According to Heifner, several aspects go into
getting ready for each dance, including creating and
memorizing choreography, teaching it, and running the
routine over and over.
Being on the dance team is “a good way to get involved
and be active. It provides a good outlet and gives a
break from classes. I also love being able to show my
spirit for the Owls,” she said.
The end of the 2012-13 season marks several changes
for the team. Both captain and co-captain will be
graduating from William Woods; junior Haley Hinze
has been elected to take over in the fall.
Heifner has enjoyed her experience as squad captain
and feels that her last season was effective.
Even though it was a short season, I feel it was very
successful. I enjoyed it.”
Heifner, much like all of the team members, enjoys the
time set aside to practice. Despite their busy schedules
and other activities, they all have a love for dance.
I started dancing when I was very little, and it has just
been a part of my life since then. I don’t know what
my life would be like without it. It’s another way to
express myself and interpret music,” said Heifner.
Heifner anticipates that the team will continue to grow
after her departure in May.
The team is still very new and I hope that more people
can become interested so the team will be better. I
would like for us to expand in numbers and skills.”
Students interested in joining the WWU Dance Team
for the 2013-14 season, should look for audition
information to be posted around campus soon.
Alison Heifner, Elsa Stiles, Chelsee Watson, Samantha Watts, Haley Hinze, Debbie Duval and Grace Gratton are all
smiles after their first performance of the 2012-13 season.
Bottom Left)
Watson and Heifner move in-sync during the Courtwarming game performance of Ellie Goulding’s Lights.
Bottom Right)
Hinze and Watts move their feet during the team’s Courtwarming game performance
Photos by Katherine Wortmann
The WWU Dance Team prepares for their 2013-14 season,
bringing changes to the growing team.