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April 2013
The Hoot | 19
Armah stands in Anderson Arena.
Photo by
Rebekah Savage)
Armah goes up for a layup.
courtesy of Daniel Armah)
Armah with his mom and sister.
courtesy of Daniel Armah)
I wasn’t even being recruited here. William
Woods ended up not signing my friend but I liked
those two so much that I wanted to come here
anyway,” he said.
Armah bonded with his two teammates over a
meal at McDonalds.
The first time they took me out, we went to
McDonalds. We played a prank on the waitress
and asked if she could put African cheese on my
cheeseburger,” he said. “She had no idea what
we were talking about; I don’t even know what
African cheese is. But we thought that was funny
and I thought these were my people that I want to
spend the rest of my college with.”
During his junior year at William Woods, his
retina was detached, rendering him unable to
take the court for nearly the entire 2011-12
basketball season.
As a senior this season,
Armah only had a semester
of eligibility left in the NAIA.
He was forced to sit out the
beginning of the 2012-13
year so he could play out
his final semester of
collegiate basketball.
Averaging 13.9 points per
game and 11.1 rebounds in
the 18 games he started,
Armah shined in his final
outings. If he had been able to
play the entire year, he would
have led the conference in
rebounds— he was only 72
away from the leader with
nearly half the starts.
Besides returning to Ghana to
see his family after a five-year
absence, his future is unclear.
My mom wants me to play
professional, but I don’t know
right now. I just want to do
things for myself and make
my parents proud.”
I want to live in a place
where my career will thrive.
Somewhere where it is warm
all year around. I can’t take
this cold weather at all,” he said.
Given the career he has already compiled for
himself in such a short period, there’s no doubt
that wherever he ends up, great things are in store.
It took Armah a few years to find the path of an
Owl; but once he found it, he knew it was the one
he wanted to end with.
This is my foundation—here at William Woods,”
he said.
The foundation created at The Woods is one
Armah will take with him wherever his career and
ambition lead him.