Page 17 - The Hoot April, 2013

April 2013
The Hoot | 17
Clockwise from top left):
Julia Peairs, Robin Hirsch-Jacobson, Katey Bilsky, Cat Fuhs and Kelly Abernathy search
through the Costa Rica jungle with binoculars at the ready. Each of the seven students chose a different taxonomic
group to focus on throughout their week.
Julia Peairs, Stephanie Walker and Katey Bilsky show off their dance moves at a cookout at their field station.
Stephanie Walker, Allyson Hawkins, Alora Haney and Kelly Abernathy suit up to take a ride on the zip line. The canopy
tour took them through the jungle on several platforms.
Julia Peairs and Katey Bilsky strike a pose during relaxation time at the hotel pool in Tortuguero.
from left) Katey Bilsky, Allyson Hawkins, Stephanie Walker, Kelly Abernathy, Alora Haney, Cat Fuhs and Julia Peairs
gather at El Zota the mroning they leave for Tortuguero. (
Photos courtesy of Allyson Hawkins