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April 2013
Live in 3 ... 2 ... 1!
Brooke Thibodaux goes on air in Bowling Green, Ky.
and tells what a day in the life of a news anchor is like
By Brooke Thibodaux
Senior Writer
a.m.—the beeping begins.
After hitting snooze several times, I roll out of bed to get ready. Despite
everyone’s belief that television anchors have hair and makeup artists, I do
that myself. Then it’s off to work.
My name is Brooke Thibodaux and I’m a senior broadcasting major at
William Woods University. This semester, my last one as an undergraduate,
I have had the incredible opportunity of serving for two months as a
temporary morning news anchor at WNKY-DT2. Located in Bowling
Green, Ky., it serves as the CBS-affiliated television station for
South Central Kentucky.
Here’s how the rest of my day goes:
a.m.—I typically pull into the station’s parking lot.
Once in the studio and I have downed my tea, it is time to start checking
email for any last-minute cancellations or surprises.
My co-anchor, meteorologist Emily Goodman, and I work closely together to
make sure we understand the rundown of the show. Sometimes, I feel as if I
am speaking in tongues, as broadcast journalism has its own lingo.
Michael, our master control, gives the two of us the times for each segment.
Master control is in charge of switching the camera angles and keeping a
running time of the show.
a.m.—Following our morning meeting, I complete my script, which
I then input into the teleprompter. Next, I make any necessary touch-ups,
brush my hair or apply more lipstick. Then it’s show time.
a.m.—Our floor director, Julia, counts down from 10.
Next thing I know, I’m speaking.
Hello and welcome to Bowling Green Today. I am Brooke Thibodaux.”
Thibodaux sits on the set of Bowling Green Today, where she served as a temporary morning news anchor. She has always known her true passion was news television.
courtesy of Brooke Thibodaux)