Page 46 - 2012 Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll
Pamela Kelly '06
Dr. George Kistler
Cindy Dietrich Logan '74
Linda Ambrose Loose '59
Patti Leonard Lyons '54
Sharon Mather '10
Dr. Sherry McCarthy
D. Scott Miniea
Katie Nowinski Reed '59
Dr. Ralph Rinne
Janet Watson Rohman '72
Jenny Young Sanchez '94
Judy Kuergeleis Schmuck '72
Sharon K. Stevens Tomnitz '71
Jennifer Beggs Vescovo '86
Ruby Fogleman Webb '35
Deborah Weedman '77
Dr. Michael W. Westerfield
Daniel Westhues '96
Ann Irwin Whaley '56
Maryalice Kubesch Williams '87
The President’s Coalition
Membership awarded at a special value
for recent graduates
Amy LaRue Dittmer '97 '11
Rebecca Cooper '09
Ivy Legacy Society
The Ivy Legacy Society recognizes alumni and friends
who have included William Woods University in their
estate plans, thus positively affecting the lives of future
generations of students.
Anonymous *
Anonymous (2)
Natalie Collins Acker '32*
M. Tracy Thurmond Akins '28
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Barnett
Nancy Bates
Jill Greer Baue '55*
Donna Tschappat Benner '56*
Judith Cramer Black '55
Olive Mansur Blake '50*
Dora Emmons Bolen '24*