Page 44 - 2012 Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll
Kimberly and Perry Davis
Kristine and Karl Dewey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferguson
Lisa and Kurt Fettig
Anne and Scot Gudger
Julee and Robert Hawkins
Lindsey and Sharon Henry
Jane Hicklin
Kathy and Larry Hinze
Dwayla Jones
Deborah and Joji Kagei
Kim Kiebert-Cobb and Tyrus Cobb
Cheryl and Randolph Meyer
Patricia and Charlie Morris
Susan and David Nelson
Martha abnd Kevin O'Connell
Karen and Robert Pacholewski
Susan and Gene Patterson
Helen and Ronald Payne
Linda and Rex Peairs
Robert Pelley
Lori Risch
Ida and Daniel Roewe
Nancy and James Rosse
Nora and Steven Sprenger
Judy Starr
Keith and Polly Donnelly '80 Strickland
Stacey and James Strobel
Tina and Bertram Thruston
Eleanor and Vincent Tracey
Karen and Samuel Villavicencio
Elizabeth and Thomas Wallace
Jacqueline and Brian Walsh
Carolyn and John West
Mona and Asa Williams
President’s Giving Society
In recognition for LIFETIME commitment
and support.
Sue Falley Anderson '61 and Dana Anderson
Holly Brockman
Jan Garner Buck '74
Cyndi L. Butler
Shirley Lewis Butler
Molly McCune Cathey '81
Elisabeth Goth Chelberg
John H. Edwards