Page 43 - 2012 Donor Honor Roll

Barry and Tammy Buschman '76 Boehm
Chris Burman
Kathryn Crow
Karen Cuneo
Karen and Mitchell Davidson
Gabrielle and Kyle Elliott
Denise and Paul Faus
Jon Fisher
Sue Garber
Suzette Hogan
Susan and Stanley Horner
Ann L. Jones and Christopher Cummings
Beverly Mortiz
Glenda and Roy Pickett
Sharon and James Reinert
Catherine Van Voorn and James Rutter
Jennifer Satterfield
Laura (Hill) Steinbeck '85
Genie and Michael Strakal
Sherri and Kent Thomas
Cindy and Ronald Wilson
Jane and Mark Wortmann
Three-Year Membership
Eleanor and Eric DePew
Gary Konigsberg
Martha Weis and George Podgorski
Two-Year Membership
Mary and Thomas Baker
Elizabeth and Darrell Dusold
Bartina and Dan Springer
One-Year Membership
Nancy Abernathy
Letitia and Jeffrey Almich
Rebecca and Richard Arnold
Carol and David Basso, Jr.
Deanna and John Beckley
Carla and David Bienhoff
Tracy and Richard Bowler
Melissa and Paul Buchanan
Carolyn Parsons Bul '77
Sheila and Earl Chatto
Betty and Thomas Cloninger
Elizabeth and Nicholas Couper
Rose M. Culbertson
Diane and John Curtin