Page 34 - 2012 Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll
Alana Flint Pierson '99
Becky Bean Stinson '72
Sue Ellen Sydow
In Memory of Keith and Tracy Dudley
Virginia Wong Moore '69
In Memory of Eleanor Grove Rinne '44
Dr. Ralph Rinne
In Memory of Linda Holmquist Smith '64
Georgellen Ouellette Mikkelson '64
In Memory of Susan Hausman Brunner '74
Helen and Arthur Hausman
In Memory of Meredith L. Hawkins '92
Annette J. Hawkins
In Memory of Anne Jarvis Mobley '58
Becky Bean Stinson '72
In Memory of Martha Mares Lebo '59
Peggy R. McGrew '99 '01
Becky Bean Stinson '72
In Memory of Frances Williams Coslow '37
Cara Coslow
Audrey Davis
Richard C. Morais
In Memory of Annabel Sullivan
Mandy Foster Baugher '97 and Matt Baugher
Prudy and Norm Baugher
Ruth Ann Wright Dodd '71 and Dale Dodd
Mary Sue and Wayne Fletcher
Brenda Sullivan Foster '75 and Jim Foster
Mallory Foster '11
Nancy and Norman Gerhart
Lynda A. Hetherington
Barbara Dunavant Huddleston '69
Mary Lou and Larry Jourdan
Donald Kritzer
Betty and Robert W. Maddox, Sr.
Peggy R. McGrew '99 '01
Carla and Ron Morley
Nancy Maddox Nelson '73 and Allen Nelson
Presbyterian Manor of Fulton
Sara and Kenny Sheets
Kenda Grotewiel Shindler '81