Owl Appreciation

Monday, September 02, 2013
4:00:00 PM : Kemper Art Center Corridor Gallery

LEAD students will engage as art critics. Students will judge art and select the most creative, realistic and expressive owl from the prints created by the WWU printmaking class. Take paper and pen to the Kemper Art Center, Lower Level Corridor Gallery, any time the Kemper Art Center is open. View the exhibit and write a short description about why you believe the owl print you have selected should represent the category. Paper must have name clearly printed, include LEAD barcode number and response must be considered thoughtful and comprehensive in order to receive LEAD credit. Place form in LEAD EVENTS rack outside the Art Division Office (KAC Room 120). This LEAD event begins September 2 and ends September 20. Point only awarded once. 1 Point

Sponsor: Martin, Terry
Category: Cultural