Sorority Circle & Amphitheatre

Goal: $8.2 million

Due to an increase in student population, the university will build a residential complex to house all four sororities in a single Sorority Circle. This will not only provide new residential living space for the sororities, it will also benefit other students by freeing up additional housing.

Housing all four sororities in one area will help to strengthen the university’s Greek community. The individuality of each sorority will be preserved through separate entries and individual common areas for studying, socializing and conducting meetings.

The plan...

In addition to providing an additional 136 beds, the 14,464-square-foot complex will provide a comfortable, safe, modern living environment for students. Each unit will contain

  • sleeping/living units with suite-style restrooms
  • individual meeting and chapter rooms
  • multipurpose room
  • guest restroom
  • laundry room
  • front porch
  • rear patio
  • kitchen


The amphitheatre is for all students and the community. It will have a capacity of approximately 250. It is designed to be flexible and useful for theatrical, musical, and ceremonial events and festivals.

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