Campaign Update

"At William Woods, we have never been an institution that relied on history. We have always prided ourselves on being forward-thinking. As our undergraduate enrollment continues to expand, it is important that we continue to offer inviting living and residential facilities and programs that appeal to prospective and current students. Imagine ... How will you leave your mark?"

- Jahnae H. Barnett, President

Pledge Update

The Imagine Campaign has reached $8.1 million in financial commitments toward the $11.7 million goal as May 21, 2013. These gifts include:

  • the largest gift ever received by the university from an individual, and
  • the largest foundation gift ever received by the university.

Together with other significant leadership gifts, these donations have allowed us to imagine the launch of the campaign, setting the stage and providing a challenge for additional donors to step forward.

In addition, WWU has the largest in-kind donation in the university's history, a gift of real estate that is valued at $1 million.

What's this Sorority Challenge I'm hearing about?

WWU is in the midst of the Greek phase of the Imagine Campaign, reaching out to Greek alumni for their support. A volunteer committee of eight co-chairs, representing each of the four sororities at The Woods, has taken on the Sorority Challenge, along with their sorority sister volunteers.

The Sorority Challenge is a competition between the members, alumni, parents, and friends of the four sororities at WWU to raise the funds for their portion of the Sorority Circle and Amphitheatre project. Each sorority has been challenged to raise $1 million. The first sorority to reach $1 million will be allowed to select its preferred location from among the four possibilities. The second sorority to reach $1 million will have second choice, and so on. More info is included in the FAQ section.

Our students, faculty and staff extend a thank you to Kristen Koppen '75 and Judy Kuergeleis Schmuck '72, Alpha Chi Omega; Deborah Bunn Hutchison '74 and Elizabeth Tsiharidis Farris '94, Alpha Phi; Sudee Miller Floyd '83 and Laura Hill Steinbeck '85, Chi Omega; and Kathryn Ude '79 and Cori Gilbert Wallace '99 for leading the challenge on behalf of their sororities.



Courtney Wieberg"The Center for Ethics and Global Studies is important to me because ... I had the opportunity to travel to Europe to tour sites of importance in the Holocaust as part of Woods Around the World ... I think it is so vital to travel abroad. It's an opportunity to step back and see how people in other countries live their lives. It's such a huge change when you go to another country not knowing the language because it is like you become a minority. I think everyone should experience this type of traveling because it really does enrich the mind and it is such a rewarding experience." Courtney Wieberg '12

"Being Greek changed my life. It encouraged me to accept opportunities that I might have shied away from. With the support of my sisters, my life has been changed for the better. Being connected to a sorority is valuable. The Greek phase of the Imagine Campaign provides a beautiful home for the next generation of the Greek community."
Judy Kuergeleis Schmuck '72

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