Center for Ethics & Global Studies

Goal: $3 million

This campaign component includes the establishment of a $3 million endowment to provide ongoing funding for the Center for Ethics and Global Studies, an academic program that builds on several existing initiatives/projects.

In a world that is changing rapidly...

and becoming increasingly global, leadership development, service-based learning, global awareness and ethical reflection have never been more important. William Woods University plans to incorporate and build upon the Office of Faith and Service (including the university chaplain’s office, spiritual counseling, regular guest speakers and chapel services) forming a new, expanded program called the "Center for Ethics and Global Studies" (CEGS).

In addition to these programs, the CEGS will expand the university’s current study abroad activities . It also will focus on the development of common studies (core curriculum) that require all undergraduate students to complete courses of study in ethics and diversity. The CEGS will provide a single gateway to the community to make it easier than ever for students to put leadership and service ideals into practice.

Ethics and Diversity

The CEGS director will work with faculty members to develop and enhance courses that meet the common studies (core curriculum) ethical reasoning and global diversity requirements for all undergraduate students. Faculty and administration at William Woods have included ethics and global diversity in the mission statement and curriculum, and the Center for Ethics and Global Studies will provide the necessary focus to offer diverse opportunities.

Short-Term and Long-Term Study Abroad

Recognizing the importance of global awareness and service-based learning, WWU currently offers opportunities for undergraduate students to take global courses that involve short-term and long-term study abroad and cultural exploration opportunities.

Woods Around the World projects in recent years have included the following:

  • Study of Kenya
  • Trip to Peru
  • Travel along the American South’s Civil Rights Trail
  • Tour of Europe's key sites related to the history of the Holocaust

Our students continue to request more of these life-changing experiences.

The CEGS will:

  • Expand current programs to engage more students, and
  • Develop courses to include spring break trips, as well as intersession (December/January) and summer trips that are directly linked to academic study.

International Student Services

Ensuring a diverse student body is also important. Programs will be developed to:

  • Facilitate international students’ transition to life in the United States and at The Woods,
  • Promote interactions between the U.S. and international populations, and
  • Provide necessary services to meet the unique needs of international students.

Gateway to Service Opportunities

The Center for Ethics and Global Studies will provide a central point of contact—a clearinghouse for faculty, staff, students and the community for the coordination of student service and volunteer activities.

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