Adjunct Faculty Information

At William Woods University, we rely on a strong, experienced, and well-credentialed faculty to build our reputation of knowledge and instructional excellence for the students we serve. We have long prided ourselves on the quality of our institution, characterized by small class sizes, an excellent, committed teaching faculty, and solid academic programs.

Adjunct faculty are a very important component in our success, and an integral part of our Graduate College  as well as our traditional undergraduate programs.

Open Adjunct Faculty positions are listed on the current positions page.

Adjunct Faculty

Upon hiring, adjunct faculty will be asked to read the Adjunct Faculty Handbook (PDF) and then sign an Employee Acknowledgement Form (PDF) acknowledging that you have read the handbook and will abide by university policies. For on-line instructors, additional requirements may be necessary.

The following payroll forms for new adjunct faculty must be completed before beginning a postion.

Questions? Contact the Office of Human Resources at 573.592.1106 or via email.