Graduate Professional Development Seminars

In an effort to maintain the most knowledgeable adjuncts in our classrooms, William Woods University would like to remind all adjunct faculty members of their requirement to attend a minimal of one professional development per year in order to remain active. In order to ensure that all eligible adjunct faculty members are up to date with all William Woods University practices and policies, all adjunct faculty members who have not attended a professional development seminar within one calendar year, will receive an inactive message when attempting to log in to William Woods University's adjunct website. Your file will be reactivated when you attend your next professional development seminar.


Register for Seminars

Register for any of the following professional development seminars.


Business Program Professional Development Seminars

*If you have questions, please contact Janice Tate at or at 573-592-1174 for more information.

Date: June 14, 2014

Location: Burton Business Building

                   William Woods University Fulton Campus

Registration: 8:30 am Burton Business Building Lobby

*Continental breakfast will be provided.

Seminar: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Room 006 (basement of Burton)


Education Program Professional Development Seminars

*If you have questions, please contact Lydia Knatcal at or at 573-592-1171.


William Woods University Email

Electronic communication is the main form of communication between William Woods University and Graduate College faculty. It is the responsibility of all adjunct faculty to notify William Woods University of any changes or additions to contact information including email addresses.

All William Woods University adjunct faculty are required to have a WWU email account. Not having a WWU email account will directly hinder communication with William Woods University.

Failure to monitor your WWU email account for important updates, including adjunct opportunities, does not constitute an acceptable reason for not complying with pertinent information as set forth by William Woods University staff.