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Adjunct Faculty Course Opportunities

Approved adjunct faculty members will enter individual identification number as issued by William Woods University Graduate College. After entering the individual identification number, adjunct faculty will be able to view all available courses that they are respectively qualified to teach. Adjunct faculty will then have the opportunity to view courses that have not been assigned to a facilitator. Adjunct faculty will have the opportunity to express interest and availability for these respective courses. Please note: By expressing interest and availability, William Woods University does not guarantee placement for the course or courses in which adjunct faculty have applied.

After submitting expressed interest and availability, William Woods University, Graduate College staff will contact adjunct faculty regarding the status of the course. It is imperative (and the responsibility of the adjunct faculty) to provide William Woods University with current email information. Email will be the primary communication mechanism utilized for course placement information.

Adjunct faculty will be placed within a 50-mile radius of their homes. Facilitators who request placement, or apply for positions outside of their respective areas will not receive additional mileage stipends.

Adjunct faculty needing current information regarding official University identification number please contact the William Woods University Help Desk at 573.592.4224.