Incoming Student Questionnaire

This information will assist the EQS Division in placing you in an appropriate level of riding class.

Your name (first and last): Hometown and state:

Are you intending to: Major in EQS Major in EQA Major in EQGS Major in Biology Pre-Vet Minor in EQS Minor in EQA

Are you transfering from another college or university? Yes No

Are you transfering in any Equestrian Studies credits? Yes No

Of the indicated seats/disciplines, to which do you feel you’ll wish to devote the most time while at WWU?

Please rank, on a scale of 1-4 (1 most important) which seats you are most interested in taking at WWU.
Dressage: Hunter/Jumper(over fences): Saddle Seat: Western: Undecided:
Only EQS major must ride three of the four seats (it is recommended that you ride all four). All other majors/minors may ride only one or two seats. Often, first semester students do not get their first (or even second) choice of riding seat. If you are not an intended EQS major and your first two seat choices are not available, do you prefer:
Ride my 3rd or 4th seat choice
Wait to see if something opens in my 1st or 2nd seat choice (this may mean a riding class is NOT part of your first semester schedule.)

Please indicate the number of years you have ridden in any/all of the following seats:

(When figuring the number of years you have ridden, please use the following formula: Riding 2-7 times per week is considered a week of riding. If you ride between 2 and 7 times per week year round, that is considered a year of riding. If you ride once a week, year round, that would be 6 months of riding (so 4 years of one lesson a week would be considered two years of riding). If you ride daily in the summer (3 months) but not at all the rest of the year then 4 years of daily summer riding would be considered one year of riding).

Dressage Hunter/Jumper(over fences) Saddle Seat Western Undecided

Please indicate the number of years you have had professional instruction in any/all of the following seats:

Professional instruction is defined as any person from whom you take a lesson or receive supervision…can be a paid instructor or even a knowledgeable amateur or 4-H leader who helps you learn more about horses and your riding)

Dressage Hunter/Jumper(over fences) Saddle Seat Western Undecided

How often per week do you ride? How often do you take a lesson?

Has this schedule increased or decreased in any of the time listed above? Yes No
If yes, please explain:

How often do you compete in horse shows?

In what type(s) of competition have you participated? Check all that apply.
USEF rated
State recognized USDF rated
Local 4-H AQHA rated
State 4-H Horse trials or events
Pony Club, D or C rated Paint/ Appaloosa/ Buckskin horse shows
Pony Club, B, HA, or A rated Reining competitions
Other (describe below) Have not competed

If you have had professional instruction and/or ridden in clinics, list with whom you have ridden and where they are located.

In the following seats, please check any of the items you are comfortable doing:
Dressage Saddle Seat Lessons Shows
Working on the bit
ASB Three-Gaited
Lateral work
ASB Five-Gaited
Competed Training Level (highest score?)
   First Level (highest scrore?)
Morgan English Pleasure
   Second Level (highest score?)
Arabian English Pleasure
   Third Level and above (highest score?)
National Show Horse
Trained horse to level
Academy Competition
Ridden schoolmasters to level


Hunter/ Jumper Lessons Shows Western
Walk, trot, and canter
Rail Work
Trotting caveletti
Jumping small individual jumps
Jumping courses - 2'
Jumping courses - 2'6"
Western Pleasure in competition
Jumping courses - 2'9"
Trail Classes in competition
Jumping courses - 3'
Worked colts or green horses
Jumping courses - 3' & higher
Natural Horsemanship
  Trail Riding


Please describe yourself as a rider. Describe your ideal horse.