All Employees

Name Title Location Phone Email
Abbott, Diane Coordinator of Off Campus Program Support - Education Academic Building 103 573-592-4347
Ahsens, Robert Assistant Professor, Legal Studies Burton Building 108 573-592-1648
Alpers-Springer, Melissa Assistant Professor, Communications Kemper Art Center 128 573-592-4301
Aulbur, Crystal Director of Strategic Communications VCC  573-592-4297
Bailey, Lee Assoc. Prof. & Director of Graduate & Outreach Business Program Burton Building 211 573-592-4272
Barnes, Michael Development Officer VCC  205 573-592-4394
Barnett, Jahnae President Academic Building 215 800-995-3159
Beahon, Mary Ann Director of University Relations Virginia Cutlip 301 573-592-1127
Boyer Ferhat, Caroline Assistant Professor, Psychology; Chair, Arts & Behavioral Sciences Academic Building 300B 573-592-4570
Branson, Adrienne Adjunct Dance Instructor Dulany 103 573-592-4581
Brock, Michelle Helpdesk Manager UIT  573-592-1152
Brown, Eric Instructor, Management & Information Systems Burton  573-592-4242
Brush, Jessica Director of Operations Academic Building 212 573-592-4227
Burton, Jennifer Office Manager Counseling & Health Services Stone Cambell Complex Suite A 573-592-4222
Byrd, William Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Byrd, Josh EQS Stable Hand Stables  800-995-3159
Carr, Bonnie Director of Academic Advising Academic Building 108 573-592-1135
Carroll, Debbie Site Coordinator/Quality Assurance Columbia Site  573-592-1721
Cavaiani, Anthony Instructor, Communications KAC 124 573-592-4470
Chapla, Dan Head Coach-Women's Basketball Athletic Complex  573-592-4206
Collins, Kerry Prospect Coordinator McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4221
Cooke, Heather Student Services/Records Assistant Academic Building 111 573-592-4248
Costanza, Danielle Admissions Representative McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4234
Crabtree, Matthew Weekend Circulation Manager Dulany Library  573-592-4289
Crabtree, Cindy Circulation Clerk Dulany Library  573-592-1691
Craddock, Michael Groundskeeper Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Davis, Becky Instructor, ASL and Interpreting Academic Building  573-592-1123
Davis, Linda Professor, Management Information Systems Burton Building 207 573-592-4382
Diedriech, Dan Vice-President University Advancement VCC  573-592-4220
Dillon, Mike Director of Physical Plant Maintenance Department  573-592-1632
Dittmer, Amy Director of Career Services and Student Transition McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4313
Dockler, Kristen Admissions Representative McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4223
Doss, Doug Enrollment Services Representative, Graduate College Off-Site Recruiter  573-592-4372
Doty, Barry Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach Athletic Complex  573-592-1192
Dougan, Jaylen Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Doyle, Larry Building Maintenance Tech Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Drilling, Diane Admissions Representative Off-Site Admissions  573-220-8561
Dube, Matthew Assistant Professor, English Academic Building 211 573-592-4355
Dudley, Erlene Associate Professor, University Library Director Dulany Library  573-592-4291
Duke, Linda Assistant Professor, Marketing & Business Burton Business Building  573-592-4305
Eastwood, Kenneth Carpenter Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Ebersold, Doug Dean of Education Programs; Assistant Professor, Education Jefferson City Site  573-592-4339
Elliott, C. Robert Assistant Professor, Graphic Arts Kemper Art Center 130 573-592-4369
Emerson, Tara Registrar Academic Building 111 573-592-4251
English, Kayla Assistant Database Administrator UIT  573-592-4229
English, Felicia Enrollment Representative Columbia Site  573-592-1722
Ensor, Allan Associate Professor, Special Education Academic Building 308 573-592-1114
Ewing, Mackenzie Online Academic Advisor Academic Building 212 573-592-1145
Fennel, Mary Assistant Financial Aid Coordinator Academic Building 102 573-592-1699
Ferguson, Isaac Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Fessler, Robert Financial Consultant Academic Building 01 573-592-1181
Forster, David Chair, Graduate Business Programs; Professor, Business and Economics Burton Building 213 573-592-4381
Foster, Brenda Community Development Officer Academic Building 201 573-592-4219
Franklin, John Database Administrator UIT  573-592-4510
Frankman, Thomas Associate Dean of Academic Services and Accreditation Processes; Assistant Professor, Education Academic Building 109 573-592- 1166
Friedman, Jane Costume Shop Manager Kemper Art Center 133 573-592-4356
Gallagher, Scott University Vice President Academic Building 201 573-592-4337
Garner, George Associate Professor, Social Work Academic Building 300 573-592-4366
Garrett, Barbara Professor, ASL Interpreting Burton Building 003 573-592-4351
Gastineau, Tracy Associate Athletic Director; Head Softball Coach Athletic Complex  573-592-4326
Gillette, Deianna Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Gish, Rick Maintenance Technician Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Goins, Jennifer Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Goodson, Steven Network & Telecommunications Administrator UIT  573-592-1154
Groves, Kathy Vice-President, Administration, Director of Human Resources Academic Building 208 573-592-1106
Guin, Whitney Admissions Representative McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4294
Hageman, Stephen Instructor, History Academic Building 207 573-592-1663
Haines, Amy Head Athletic Trainer CHP 113 573-592-4388
Hall, Randy Head Coach, Women's Soccer Athletic Complex  573-592-1156
Halsey, Roy Stables Maintenance Stables  800-995-3159
Halsey, Jr., Roy Stables Maintenance Stables  800-995-3159
Hanrahan, Timothy Assistant Professor, Physical Education CHP 119 573-592-1645
Harcharick, Laura Graphic Design Coordinator Virginia Cutlip  573-592-1182
Harrison, Robert Server Administrator UIT  573-592-4502
Hart, Vern Assistant Professor of Physics Cox Science and Language 206 573-592-4274
Head, Jim Director of Field Experience Academic Building  800-995-3199
Herschelman, Monica Head Volleyball Coach Athletic Comlex  573-592-4340
Hertzog, Julian Professor, Education & Psychology Academic Building 307 573-592-4352
Hill, Lorna Registration Records Assistant Academic Building 111 573-592-4253
Hillskemper, Erik Assistant Professor-English Academic Buildiing 209 573-592-4364
Hipps, Michelle Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Hirsch-Jacobson, Robin Assistant Professor, Biology Cox Science and Language 302 573-592-4315
Horn, Sharon Application Coordinator McNutt Campus Center  573-592-1618
Horstman, Emily Director of Recruitment Academic Building 208 573-592-1161
Hoskins, Margie Coordinator of Disabled Student Services/University Interpreter Academic Building 99 573-592-1194
Houseworth, Julie Controller Academic Building 101 573-592-4260
Hudek, Gaylena Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3157
Huenneke, Steve Assistant Professor, Economics Burton Building 209 573-592-4338
Hull, Shawn Chair, Behavioral & Social Science Division; Associate Professor, History Academic Building 300 573-592- 4389
Hune, Raymond Instructor, Developmental Math Cox Science and Language 303 573-592-4361
Jennings, William Groundskeeper Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Jia, Yufeng Applications Developer UIT  573-592-4513
Johnson, Angela Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Johnson, Joshua Client Supoprt Technician UIT  573-592-4508
Johnson, Andrea Financial Aid Counselor Academic Building 102 573-592-4259
Jones, Susan Assistant Professor, Education; Department Chair of Education Academic Building 304 573-592-1107
Jones, Darin Client Support Technician UIT  573-592-4224
Jones, Robert Coordinator of Fitness & Recreation Weider Fitness Center  573-592-4203
Keller, Kimberly Assistant Professor Biology Cox Science and Language 206 573-592-1637
Kettle, Ramona Manager of President's House President's House  800-995-3159
Knatcal, Lydia Administrative Assistant-Graduate College Academic Building 103  573-592-1171
Knipp, Cheryl Administrative Assistant to Education Division Academic Building 304 573-592-4348
Koonse, Cyndi Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs McNutt Student Center  573-592-4358
Kramer, Cynthia Professor, Legal Studies Burton Building 107 573-592-4293
Kraus, Jean Professor, Equestrian Studies Equestrian Center  573-592-4298
Krehbiel, Brenda Asst. Director of Student Financial Services Academic Building 102 573-592-4258
Kyger, Joe Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Chemistry Cox Science and Language 306 573-592-1197
La Rue, Gwynne Manager of Logo Store Logo Store  573-592-1142
Lampe, Gayle Professor Emeritus, Equestrian Science, Saddle Seat Equestrian Center  573-592-4395
Lawrence, Katherine Library Assistant Dulany Library  573-592-1115
Linville, James Office Manager of Physical Plant Maintenance Department  573-592-4209
Long, Jim Director, University Information Technology UIT  573-592-4225
Lungstrum, Anthony Chair, Science, Math, and Human Performance Division; Assistant Professor, Athletic Training CHP 112 573-592-1638
Mahoney, Jill Assistant Professor, Librarian Dulany Library  573-592-1167
Mantle, Stanley Graduate College Recruitment Jefferson City Site  573-592-1731
Martin, Kimberly Administrative Assistant - Sports Studies CHP  573-592-1640
Martin, Terry Professor, Art Kemper Art Center 126 573-592-4373
Martin, Melissa Access Services Coordinator Dulany Library  573-592-1160
Martin, Derik Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Martin, Dennis Assistant Director of Physical Plant Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Mason, Nathan Associate Head Men's Soccer Coach Athletic Complex  573-592-1693
Matthews, Teresa Administrative Assistant-UIT UIT  573-592-4224
McAndrews, Craig Assistant Baseball Coach Sports Complex  573-592-1687
McCarthy, Sherry Administrative Consulting/Professor of Education
McClellan, Theresa Enrollment Representative Jefferson City Site  573-592-1732
McCray, Carrie Associate Dean of Academic Assessment, Associate Professor, ASL Interpreting Academic Building 200 573-592-4317
McCray, Brenda Administrative Assistant to Residential Life and Campus Safety McNutt Campus Center  573-592-1655
McElhinney, Abby Accounts Receivable Manager Academic Building 102 573-592-1110
McElhinney, Mike Assistant Athletic Trainer CHP  573-592-4398
McGrew, Peggy Director of Advancement Information and Donor Relations Virginia Cutlip 202 573-592-1128
McKinney, Vicky Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Means, Shari Assistant Professor, Education Academic Building 303 573-592-1697
Meier, Lauren Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach Athletic Complex  573-592-4460
Meuth, Steven Stablehand Stables  800-995-3159
Miller, Alexandria Financial Aid Counselor Academic Building 102 573-592-1616
Miniea, Scott Social Media Strategist UIT  573-592-1633
Mitchell, Venita Vice-President and Dean of Student Life McNutt Student Center  573-592-4235
Mizera, Ben Sports Information Director Athletic Complex  573-592-1647
Mosley, Mary Assistant Professor, Spanish Academic Building 300 573-592-1662
Moss, Gary Adjunct Professor, Mathematics Academic Building 202 573-886-9829
Mudd, Jane Assistant Professor, Art Kemper Art Center 126 573-592-4201
Munns, Darren Head Baseball Coach Athletic Complex  573-592-1187
Munns, Sarah Dean of Admissions McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4296
Nichols, Robert Groundskeeper Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Nickerson, Peggy Assistant Professor, Paralegal Studies Burton Building 108 573-592-4213
Oesch, Kristen Nurse Practitioner Stone Cambell Complex Suite A 573-592-4222
Oestreich, Sulea Adm Asst. Behavior & Social Science Division Burton 003/Academic Building 300 573-592-1123
Ouderkirk, Susie Clinical Instructor, Equestrian Studies, Hunter Jumper Equestrian Center
Pautz, Karen Clinical Instructor, Equestrian Studies, Dressage Equestrian Center  573-592-4343
Payne, Michelle Financial Aid Coordinator Academic Building 102 573-592-4215
Pelley, Kristen Admissions Representative McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4509
Penberthy, Neal Enrollment Representative Off-Site Recruiter  573-544-3136
Petrescu, Nicole Gallery Coordinator KAC 120  573-592-4245
Petterson, Jennifer Division Chair, Equestrian Studies; Associate Professor, Equestrian Studies, Western Equestrian Center  573-592-4280
Phillips, Mary Grace Admissions Representative McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4312
Pool, Lisa Program Specialist Academic Building 100 573-592-1184
Popp, Brenda Dean of Undergraduate Business and Economics Department; Assistant Professor, Business Burton Building 215 573-592-4377
Potter, Joe Assistant Professor, Performing Arts Kemper Art Center 104 573-592-4281
Powell, George Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Pullen, Nicholas Assistant Professor, Biology Cox Science and Language  205 573-592-1143
Pundmann, Jan Administrative Assistant to Academic Dean Academic Building 106 573-592-4316
Purvis, Melissa Administrative Assistant-EQS Department Equestrian Center  573-592-4397
Quick, Lynn Accounts Payable Manager Academic Building 101 573-592-4256
Radkowiec, Daniel Head Coach, Cross Country & Track Athletic Complex  573-592-4205
Ready, Deana Director of Student Financial Services Academic Building 102 573-592-4236
Robb, Cynthia Assistant Professor, Athletic Training CHP 121 573-592-1689
Sapp, Aimee Vice President & Dean of Academic Affairs Academic Building 106 573-592-4391
Schaefer, Sarah Interior Maintenance Technicial Interior Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Schick, Deborah Student Life Office Coordinator/Lead Coordinator McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4239
Schneider, Chris Instructor, Mathematics Cox Science and Language 307 573-592-1183
Schultz, Tom Instructor, Librarian Dulany Library  573-592-1175
Scott, David Director of Facilities Management Interior Maintenance Department  573-592-1155
Scott, Robert Professor, Philosophy & Religion Academic Building 200 573-592-4353
Seitz, Rebecca University Counselor Stone Cambell Complex Suite A 573-592-4222
Shindler, Kenda Executive Assistant to the President & Coord of Legal Affairs Academic Building 215 573-592-4216
Shults, William General Maintenance Technician Maintenance Department  800-995-3159
Sievert, Kristi Adminstrative Assistant-Athletics Athletic Complex  573-592-1642
Simmons, Kenneth Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Smith, Greg Associate Professor, English Academic Building 211 573-592-4399
Speers, Shaun Technical Services Technician Interior Maintenance Department  573-592-4505
Spratt, Mary Professor Emeritus, Biology Cox Science and Language 205 573-592-1143
Stinson, Becky Director of Alumni Activities Virginia Cutlip  573-592-4237
Sturgis, Paul Director of Institutional Research Academic Academic Building 105 573-592-4463
Sutherland, Donnell Registration Coordinator Academic Building 111 573-592-4249
Sweeten, Lacey Director of Student Involvement Burton 005 573-592-1658
Tamerius, Travis Director for Center of Ethics and Global Studies; University Chaplain and Adjunct Instructor, Cultural Diversity Stone Cambell Complex Suite A 573-592-4241
Tan, Michael Associate Professor, Education Academic Room 501 573-592-4350
Tate, Janice Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate College Academic Building 107 573-592-1174
Terrell, Will Web Developer UIT  573-592-4392
Thomas, Rhonda Benefit Services Coordinator Academic Building 103 573-592-1103
Thompson, Corey Client Support Technician UIT  573-592-4461
Totta, Nick Head Men's Basketball Coach Athletic Complex  573-592-1624
Track, Sarah Clinical Instructor, Equestrian Studies, Saddle Seat Equestrian Center  573-592-4575
Trogdon, Leslie Associate Professor of Educational Leadership Columbia Site  573-592-1721
Tutt, Betsy Online Professor Academic Building  573-592-4354
Vittone, Jason Athletic Director Athletic Complex  573-592-4387
Ward, Laura Assistant Professor, Equestrian Studies Equestrian Center  573-592-1153
Ward, Shauna Instructor, ASL Burton Building 005 573-592-4349
Wayne, Martha Academic Advisor, Graduate and Outreach Programs Academic Building 108 573-592-4380
Weed, Anthony Instructor, Communications KAC 127 573-592-4578
Wellborn, Marilyn Enrollment Representative Academic Building 212 573-592-1723
Wells, Stephanie Associate Professor, English Academic Building 209 573-592-4370
Wessel, Mike Stables Manager Stables  800-995-3159
Westerfield, Michael Vice President and Dean of Graduate College; Professor, English Academic Building 103 573-592-4383
Whelan, Andrea Human Resources Specialist Academic Building 103  573-592-4308
Whelan, Colette Assistant Registrar Academic Building 111 573-592-1148
Willard, Diana Business Services & Collection Specialist Academic Building 101 573-592-4246
Willenburg, Linda Manager of Mail Center McNutt Campus Center  573-592-4273
Wills, Michael Director of Residential Life & Security McNutt Student Center  573-592-1191
Wilson, Elizabeth Associate Professor, Director of Social Work Program Academic Building 300 573-592-4271
Wimmer, Cynthia Cashier Academic Building 102 573-592-4255
Winters, Elaine Data Entry Coordinator Virginia Cutlip  573-592-1179
Winters, Jayne Administrative Assistant Burton Building 215 573-592-4378
Yancey, Marvin Administrative Assistant-Jeff City Site Jefferson City Site  573-592-1733
Zolin, Sandy Interior Maintenance Technician Interior Maintenance  800-995-3159
Zolinski, John Stables Maintenance Stables  800-995-3159