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LEAD Senior Waiver

By clicking Submit below, I acknowledge:

I hereby accept and agree to the Senior final semester waiver for the LEAD Award for the   semester. By accepting this waiver, I understand the following:

  • That I must be in good standing and eligible to receive the LEAD Award during my Senior Waiver Semester.
  • That I will not be required to obtain LEAD points during my Senior Waiver Semester.
  • My Senior Waiver Semester will be the last semester that I will be eligible to receive the LEAD Award.
  • That I will not be eligible for the LEAD Award at any time in the future.
LEAD Exit Questions:

  • Do you think the LEAD program helped you to be more actively involved in campus and community activities?
    If so, in what way? 
  • Did you attend LEAD events that exposed you to knowledge and experiences in academic programs other than the one you are majoring in?
    If so, please list one example 
  • Please list two or three things you learned at LEAD events which expanded your knowledge or interest in any topic.
  • Please give any overall thoughts on the LEAD program and your experience with LEAD.

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