Major Details

Biology B.S.

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Pre-Med Preparation Concentration:

Assists in preparation for medical college admission.

Pre-Vet Concentration:

Combines EQS and Biology in a program designed to prepare students for a veterinary medicine degree. It allows students to complete in 4 years a biology major that fulfills the additional science requirements for vet school, as well as permitting them to take a number of EQS courses. Students who do well in this program and the recommended extracurricular activities should be competitive for the next step in their education.

Course List - Total Hours: 80

Course # Course Title Hours
BIO114 General Biology I    4
BIO115 General Biology I, Laboratory    0
BIO124 General Biology II    4
BIO125 General Biology II, Laboratory    0
BIO301 Genetics    4
BIO302 Genetics Lab    0
BIO401 Evolution    3
BIO450 Senior Practicum    1
CHM114 General Chemistry I    4
CHM115 General Chemistry I Lab    0
CHM124 General Chemistry II    4
CHM125 General Chemistry II Lab    0
CHM314 Organic Chemistry I    4
CHM315 Organic Chemistry I Lab    0
PHY201 Physics I    4
PHY202 Physics I, Lab    0
PHY212 Physics II    4
PHY213 Physics II, Lab    0


Required Electives

Elective Hours
Bio Upper Level Electives   11
Bio Required Field Course   4


Concentration Hours