Elective Details


You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for EQA/EQS/EQU.

Course # Course Name Hours
EQA200 Introductory Projects 3
EQA300 Independent Study 3
EQA305 Techniques of Facility Management 4
EQA390 Internship I 3
EQA400 Advanced Projects 3
EQA407 Equestrian Law 3
EQA420 Equine Administration Seminar 2
EQA451 Internship II 3
EQA452 Internship III 6
EQS200 Introductory Projects 3
EQS201 Anatomy, Movement, & Farrier Methods 3
EQS203 History of the Breeds and Bloodlines 3
EQS205 Survey of Saddle Seat Training Methods 1
EQS212 Theory of Teaching Techniques I 3
EQS230 Teaching Techniques II Dressage 1
EQS231 Teaching Techniques II Hunter/Jumper 1
EQS232 Teaching Techniques II Saddle Seat 1
EQS235 Teaching Techniques II Western 1
EQS238 Intro Comp Horse Judging 2
EQS250 Applied Sport Psychology for the Rider 1
EQS300 Independent Study 3
EQS302 Theory of Equine Nutrition 3
EQS304 Theory of Equine Behavior & Training Methods 3
EQS311 Tack Construction and Repair 1
EQS328 Equine Evaluation 3
EQS330 Dressage Issues 2
EQS331 Hunter/Jumper Issues 2
EQS332 Saddle Seat Issues 2
EQS335 Western Issues 2
EQS340 Teaching Techniques III - Dressage 2
EQS341 Teaching Techniques III - Hunter/Jumper 2
EQS342 Teaching Techniques III - Saddle Seat 2
EQS345 Teaching Techniques III - Western 2
EQS351 Teaching Techniques IV - Dressage 2
EQS352 Teaching Techniques IV - Hunter/Jumper 2
EQS353 Teaching Techniques IV - Saddle Seat 2
EQS355 Teaching Techniques IV - Western 2
EQS390 Internship I 3
EQS400 Advanced Projects 3
EQS404 Veterinary Medicine and Reproduction 3
EQS411 Teaching Techniques Seminar 2
EQS412 Advanced Teaching Practicum 1
EQS451 Internship II 3
EQS452 Internship III 6
EQU112 Equine Care 3
EQU113 Equine Health and First Aid 3
EQU200 Introductory Projects 3
EQU201 Horse Management Practicum I 3
EQU210 Survey of the Equine Profession 2
EQU211 Survey of Equine Assisted Therapies 3
EQU391 Horse Management Practicum II 4
EQU403 Senior Seminar 3
EQU405 Equine Business Practices 3