Elective Details

Secondary Lower Level Electives

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Secondary Lower Level Electives.

Course # Course Name Hours
ART101 Introduction to Art 3
ART105 Basic Design 3
ART110 Drawing I 3
ART111 Drawing II 3
ART115 Color & Light 3
ART120 Art Appreciation 3
ART202 Fundamentals of Graphic Design 3
ART206 Painting I 3
ART207 Painting II 3
ART208 Sculpture I 3
ART209 Sculpture II 3
ART210 Portfolio Development 1
ART212 Printmaking I 3
ART213 Printmaking II 3
ART215 Weaving & Fiber Arts I 3
ART216 Weaving & Fiber Arts II 3
ART220 Water-based Painting I 3
ART221 Water-based Painting II 3
ART222 Ceramics I 3
ART223 Ceramics II 3
ART224 Jewelry I 3
ART225 Jewelry II 3
ART230 Survey of Western Art I 3
ART231 Survey of Western Art II 3
ART232 Intermediate Graphic Design 3
ART256 Fundamentals of Photography 3
COM101 Introduction to Speech Communication 3
COM105 Voice and Diction 3
COM110 Beginning Media Writing 3
COM150 Survey of Production Techniques 3
COM190 Introduction to Mass Media 3
COM203 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM207 Radio Broadcasting 1
COM209 Argumentation and Debate 3
COM213 Gender Communication 3
COM215 Small Group Leadership 3
COM220 Logic and Persuasion 3
COM251 Oral Interpretation of Literature 3
ENG099 Introduction to College Writing 3
ENG101 English Composition I 3
ENG102 English Composition II 3
ENG200 Introductory Projects 3
ENG201 World Masterpieces I 3
ENG202 World Masterpieces II 3
ENG205 English Literature I 3
ENG206 English Literature II 3
ENG210 Introduction to Film Studies 3
ENG215 Film Genre 3
ENG222 Introduction to Rhetoric 3
ENG238 American Literature I 3
ENG239 American Literature II 3
ENG280 Introduction to Literature 3
HIS101 Western Civilization I 3
HIS102 Western Civilization II 3
HIS103 History of the United States I 3
HIS104 History of the United States II 3
HIS220 Social Movements of the 1960's 3
HIS300 Independent Study 3
PED104 First Aid and CPR 2
PED107 Health, Nutrition and Safety 2
PED108 Outdoor Activities 2
PED113 Fitness 1
PED124 Varsity Golf 1
PED125 Varsity Soccer 1
PED126 Varsity Volleyball 1
PED128 Varsity Softball 1
PED129 Varsity Basketball 1
PED131 Weight Control and Conditioning 2
PED133 Varsity Baseball 1
PED134 Introduction to Skiing 1
PED135 Team Sports 1
PED136 Individual and Dual Sports 1
PED137 Flexibility and Stretching 1
PED137 Flexibility and Stretching 1
PED138 Varsity Track & Field 1
PED139 Varsity Cross Country 1
PED142 Beginning Golf 1
PED144 Low Rope Initiatives/Team Building 2
PED150 Sport Leadership 1
PED205 Introduction to Anatomy/Physiology 3
PED215 Motor Learning 2
PED220 Social Science in Sport 2
PED221 Physiology of Exercise 3
THA110 Introduction to Theatre 3
THA115 Theatre Dance: Jazz and Tap 1
THA116 Theatre Dance: Modern 1
THA117 Theatre Dance: Ballet 1
THA120 Introduction to Stagecraft 1
THA125 Costuming Practicum 1
THA126 Technical Practicum 1
THA151 Theatre Performance Practicum 1
THA210 Dance Movement I 3
THA211 Dance Movement II 3
THA231 Makeup for the Stage 3
THA232 Stage Management 3
THA234 Stagecraft 3
THA240 Stage Combat 3
THA250 Survey of American Musical Theatre 3
THA255 Acting I: Basic Skills 3
THA310 Acting for the Camera 3