Elective Details

MIS Elective

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for MIS Elective.

Course # Course Name Hours
MIS100 Introduction To Computers 3
MIS125 Productivity Tools 3
MIS200 Introductory Projects 3
MIS225 Database Management Systems 3
MIS250 Networks and Telecommunications 3
MIS300 Independent Study 3
MIS325 Website Development 3
MIS350 Project Management 3
MIS400 Advanced Projects 3
MIS401 Internship I 1
MIS402 Internship II 2
MIS403 Internship III 3
MIS404 Internship IV 4
MIS405 Internship V 5
MIS406 Internship VI 6
MIS407 Internship VII 7
MIS408 Internship VIII 8
MIS409 Internship IX 9
MIS410 Internship X 10
MIS411 Internship XI 11
MIS412 Internship XII 12