Elective Details

Legal Studies Electives

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Legal Studies Electives.

Course # Course Name Hours
LGS105 Politics & Government 3
LGS200 Introductory Projects 3
LGS202 American Jurisprudence 3
LGS210 Law, Ethics & Morality -ER 3
LGS300 Independent Study 3
LGS303 Legal Response to Domestic Violence 3
LGS305 Criminal Law 3
LGS315 Family Law 3
LGS316 Legal Interviewing & Investigation 3
LGS317 Legal Writing 3
LGS329 Ethical Dispute Resolution 3
LGS400 Advanced Projects 3
LGS401 Civil Liberties 3
LGS404 Legal Issues in Social Services and Justice Administration 3
LGS445 Constitutional Law 3
LGS451 Internship II 3
LGS452 Internship III 6
PSY309 Child Development and Behavior 3
PSY310 Social Psychology 3
SCA207 The Family 3
SWK273 Theory and Practice of Victimology 3