Degree Program Detail

In-Service Training Courses (500 level)

Delivery Method: Evening

0.5 hour graduate credit courses

Course # Course
EDU534Using Nettreker/United Streaming in the Classroom
EDU549Using Internet/Tech Tools in the Classroom II
EDU548Classroom Webpage II: Advanced Features
EDU539Using Outlook in Education
EDU541Using Excel & Power School in the Classroom
EDU542Using Safari Montage in the Classroom
EDU533Digital Media in the Classroom
EDU513Introduction to E-Instruction Classroom Performance System "clickers"
EDU514Classroom Use of Microsoft Word and Publisher
EDU516Using the Internet in the Classroom
EDU517PowerPoint in the School Environment
EDU518Introduction to Classroom Webpage
EDU519Technology Tools in the Classroom
EDU529Introduction to Study Island in the Classroom
EDU531Easiteach for Early Elementary Teachers/Centers
EDU532Using Easiteach in the Classroom