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Withdrawal from a course or program is a formal written process initiated by the student and received and documented by the University. As a formal academic transaction, withdrawals are formally noted on the transcript.

Withdrawal from a course or program offered by the Graduate College may be initiated by the student at any time during a course or program, except that will not be accepted by the University under the following circumstances;-

  1. For a course which has been completed but for which a final grade is to be issued;
  2. For a course for which an Incomplete has been recorded, except in extraordinary circumstances; or
  3. For a program when an academic action that may result in Academic Suspension is pending as a consequence of previously completed work, through the submission of a Notification of Withdrawal (form may be obtained from the Registrar).

All Notifications of Withdrawal will be approved by the Registrar except that such notifications will neither be accepted nor approved by the Registrar under the three circumstances specified previously.

Withdrawal from a course does not constitute withdrawal from a program or disassociation from the Graduate College. A student who has withdrawn from a course may continue study during the next enrollment period without penalty. If a student withdrawals from a course and does not intend or expect to continue study during the next subsequent period, a program withdrawal should be initiated.

Withdrawal from a program constitutes disassociation from the Graduate College and the University. Students who have withdrawn from a program must apply for readmission to resume study. If program or degree requirements have been changed since the student’s initial enrollment, the student may be required to satisfy the requirements upon readmission.

Departure Without Withdrawal;Final grades are issued in each course for each enrolled student who has not formally withdrawn from the course. Students who terminate attendance without formally withdrawing from a course are assigned a grade of FN or FSA, depending on attendance. According to the academic policy regarding continuous enrollment, two consecutive failing grades due to nonattendance results in Academic Dismissal.

Updated 3/27/2012

Evening Catalog 12-13