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Transfer Credit

The maximum number of undergraduate hours accepted by Graduate & Adult Studies of William Woods University by transfer, examination, and/or portfolio may not exceed 90 hours, 70 of which can be taken at a community college. To earn an undergraduate degree through Graduate & Adult Studies, a student must earn a minimum of 39 graded classroom semester credit hours (or complete the degree program core, whichever is greater). Graduate & Adult Studies students who wish to take a course or courses at other institutions must obtain approval of the University Registrar in order to assure that such academic experience is eligible for transfer credit and that it fits into their academic program.

Credits are accepted at full value provided that the transferring institution is accredited by an agency recognized by the USDE (U.S. Department of Education)and CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation). Courses that are comparable to William Woods University course offerings are accepted in transfer. Courses accepted in transfer must have a final grade earned of "C" or above.

revised 11/25/2008

Evening Catalog 11-12