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A transcript is a complete copy of the student’s academic record. Official transcripts bear the University seal and the signature of the Registrar. Transcripts are available upon signed requests received in the Registrar’s office. ALL requests must show the student’s signature. Faxed requests are accepted; however telephone/e-mail requests are not accepted. A transcript cannot be released until all personal and financial obligations have been cleared. An official transcript should be sent directly from the Registrar’s office to the receiving party. If a transcript is sent directly to a student, the words “Issued to Student” will appear on the transcript. Upon special request, an official transcipt may be issued to the student in a sealed envelope. To remain official, the student must not open the envelope. Payment of the transcript fee ($10.00 per transcript) is required prior to the release of all transcripts. Transcript requests will be processed within 3 -5 work days following clearance from the Office of Student Financial Services. Revised 11/01/2005

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