Evening Programs Catalog

Undergraduate Grading Standard

In considering student performance, and in determining suitability for continued study or degree award, Graduate & Adult Studies is attentive to the cumulative grade point average and the patterns of grades that yield the average. Graduate & Adult Studies requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 for program continuation in good standing and for degree award. Additionally, Graduate & Adult Studies requires a pattern of grades which documents consistent performance in courses at or above the 2.00 level. Accordingly:

A grade of an F in any course subjects the student’s continuance in the program to immediate review regardless of the Graduate and Adult Studies grade point average. The receipt of a grade of F may result in a suspension from Graduate & Adult Studies for a period of one calendar year after which an application for re-admission may be submitted.

A grade of F in any course issued as a consequence of student failure to remove an Incomplete subjects the student’s continuance to immediate review and may result in immediate Academic Dismissal.

A grade of D in any course may subject the student’s continuance in the program to review and may result in academic probation.

Only credits received for coursework in which performance was assessed at D or higher counts toward or are applicable to degree credit hour requirements. Revised 11/01/2005

Evening Catalog 11-12